Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Totally calm

I swear, I am calm, collected, cool as a cucumber. It’s crazy. I’m enjoying this month off, which is why I’m not really writing here. I’m considering this a month of not trying, not preventing (NTNP, right?). I’m still sort of trying in the back of my mind – I mean, I don’t want to completely wash my hands of this cycle. In the sense that I am aware in the back of my mind that I should ovulate sometime this week or weekend, so I am definitely going to do my best at BMS this week, but only because I feel like it. No OPKs, no checking my calendar, etc.

And instead of even thinking of a HPT, I’m looking forward to AF because then I can start counting CDs until CD3, when I get to take Clomid. Yay! I think my first day of Clomid should be around January 24. Although that’s just approximate.

Anyway, just to stay updated on other things, we cancelled the SHG yesterday. We have our consult with the RE today. We’ll see what she thinks of the SHG and the Clomid based on our records, which hopefully have come over from the OBGYN. I haven’t done a thing about our hospital bills (sigh). I REALLY should.

So that’s where we are. Consult today, theoretically medication in just a few weeks (!!!!), and then we’ll see. How awesome to be actually doing stuff.

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