Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking medications: Check
Taking prenatals: Check
Obsessing: Check
Endless google research: Check
Appointments made: Check

I'm ready! Totally ready!

A pharmacy called me today out of the blue to arrange to ship my HCG shot. My doctor didn't mention that she had called in the prescription nor that it would be shipped from a pharmacy on the east coast, so I was a bit startled to get the call.

And now I'm a little nervous about giving myself the shot, but hey, it's nothing. I can do it! I'm sure of it.

I'm actually kind of happy that I'll get the SHG tomorrow. At least I don't totally feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs for a whole week.

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  1. You can DO it! No worries about the shot...strange that they're sending it from so far away though?? :-) Good luck!


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