Monday, January 12, 2009

Tech talk

Both L and I were happy with the consult with the RE last week. She was friendly, really nice, funny, and understanding. Best of all, she gave us an up-front assessment of our costs. She suggested IUI, which is, I’m sure, their usual first-line approach with just about everyone. Also, since they’re an infertility clinic and specialize in these things, I’m guessing they don’t waste a lot of time messing around with waiting and seeing.

Since we’re planning to go to Italy soon, theoretically sometime during one of our next two cycles, one of those cycles won’t be available for an IUI. Theoretically again, they’re both available for Clomid, and the one cycle where we’re here for the entire first two weeks would be available for IUI (with Clomid). I think the big question for us now is to decide whether we want to do an IUI yet, or just stick with Clomid until we’re back from Italy (which would put IUI around mid-March, with two Clomid-only cycles first). And if we do an IUI sooner, we have to decide which cycle we want to do and adjust our plans for Italy accordingly. Trouble is, we really need to buy our plane tickets soon.

The problem I’m having is I still keep thinking that next month is the month when it’ll work and I’m getting myself all worked up about nothing and I’ll look back and laugh at myself for being so paranoid. ARGH! I hate that!

Anyway, apparently an IUI cycle is around $1000. We do have to do some tests first. They want me to so an SHG (they quoted us, I think around $350), L has to do some disease testing because he would be considered an organ donor in California (?!?!?!), and I would have to do genetic testing. They also suggest doing another SA on L, but said that they can do it at the same time as the IUI. All of that will add up to between $1000 and $2000, I think. So we’re looking at $2000-$3000 for testing and one IUI cycle.

Well, that’s enough tech talk. The other good news is I had a fairly relaxing, not-too-stressful weekend in San Diego. That’s awesome. I came home incredibly tired and fell asleep on the couch watching TV after dinner, but at least I was completely stressed out. I need some more days like that.

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