Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting into the swing of things

My appointment at the RE on Friday went well, I think.

It was CD 3, they did the ultrasound. I actually wasn’t bleeding much, so it was just like all my other ultrasounds, really. No cysts or whatever else they were looking for, so that was good. The RE talked a bit about the SHG coming up on Tuesday, then said she would get my prescriptions taken care of.

It turns out she is prescribing 100 mg of Clomid. I wish I had written this down sooner, so I could remember what she said about that. It was either that they didn’t think 50 mg was strong enough to induce good ovulation, or that they wanted a stronger dose to increase the possibility of more than one egg. I was a little surprised.

L and I talked about the possibility of multiples (including more than 2), and we both agree on how we would handle it. We also would be perfectly happy to have twins (or more than 2), but I don’t think it’s a goal for either of us. Twins run in both of our families, so we don’t have illusions about how “awesome” it is to be or have twins.

The other sort of weird thing is that I’m not even going in for my monitoring u/s until CD 13. Which seems a bit late. True, I’m taking Clomid on CDs 5-9, not 3-7. But still. This is my first IUI, so we don’t even know what to expect. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from IF so far, it’s that everything counts, and I'm not thrilled about the possibility of screwing up this cycle, even if I'm overreacting. If we miss this cycle, we definitely miss the next one, too, since we'll be on vacation.

I realize I haven’t been through nearly as much as many other infertiles out there ... yet. And I’m sorry, but I don’t want to. I still have hope that there's a chance this will work on the first try.

It seems like for the doctor to say “ah, well CD 12 is on a weekend, we’ll just push it back to CD 13” ... well, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but doc, please don’t screw this up for me.

Crossing my fingers until next Monday.

On a side note - took my first 100 mg dose of Clomid last night, and experienced some dizziness and/or lightheadedness. Hubby says that it's cool, like being drunk. Um ... yeah. Whatever.

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