Friday, January 16, 2009

And now craziness sets in as well

I have NO reason to think I'm pregnant, considering we haven't had sex since (I think) January 2, which was CD 9, which is REALLY early when you consider that O should be around CD 13-14, and I’ve recently wondered whether I O a bit late (based on my OPKs). So – almost impossible this month, right?

But then we went in for our RE consult on January 6, which is CD 13, and I swear she said it looked like I just ovulated or would ovulate possibly that day.

So really, there’s a tiny possibility. Which I had been completely discounting.

But now my boobs are SORE. And have been for several days. I mean, how early do you get sore boobs?

OK, it’s Friday. I expect spotting Monday or Tuesday and AF Wednesday or Thursday. And it’s a win-win situation – no AF means HPT, AF means call RE and start scheduling away!

So I guess I should be happy! And I sort of am! I just feel a bit weird about it all.

Probably won’t post until I get spotting. But fingers will be crossed.

Update at 11:50 (after scarfing my lunch much earlier than planned): Now I'm totally convinced I'm pg and am restraining myself from going to get a HPT. I swear if no spotting by Tuesday, I will do it then. I can totally hold out 4-5 days.

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