Thursday, January 15, 2009

Impatience sets in again

Argh! I was so calm and cool and collected and now I’m so impatient and ready to go. Damn!

It’s probably because I’m looking at a long, stressful day ahead of me today, so I turn my mind to more pleasant things.

Still, it’s already Thursday, and I’m looking forward to a nice weekend of skiing and biking and cleaning my house (which desperately needs it). I might get super-serious about cleaning out closets. I can’t stand how cluttered they are, we could use a bit of extra space, and who knows? Maybe we’ll eventually have a baby and need some space for baby stuff.

OK, now I know I need to get a grip.

Anyway, Monday is a holiday for me (yay state jobs), and Tuesday I should at least be spotting, if not already on Monday. So yay! Hooray!!!!! In no more than 5 days I'll get some sign (I hope), and in 6-7 days, we’ll be on our way. Wheee!

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