Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OK. Here’s the plan. Again.

We’re going to push our trip to Italy back by a week, probably leaving on February 12 and staying about two weeks.

I expect AF on January 21 or 22. So I would have my first u/s sometime between January 21 and 26, more or less. Then, either at the same time or soon thereafter, I will have my saline contrast sonogram. Then I take the Clomid. Then I have my second u/s, and hopefully they can tell what’s going on. And then we decide what day to do the IUI, and they give me a shot to give myself (I think) to trigger O. Then L delivers his sample and I go in for the IUI.

In a nutshell.

And somewhere in all of that L gets his infectious disease testing. And the boy does not like needles. Great.

But! Hey! In about week we should be getting started! How’s that for ya?

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