Friday, May 9, 2014


I'm feeling really proud of myself today.

Yesterday, I cleaned out a huge chunk of our 3-car garage and reorganized a ton of it, which included dragging a heavy workbench and really tall set of shelves around by myself.  Not to mention unloading and reloading a lot of heavy stuff from the bench and shelves so that I was able to move them.

Today, I took the kids and we:

1. Went to the household hazardous waste drop-off at the dump, where we unloaded lots of cans of old paint, stain, and other chemicals that the last owners of our house left in the garage, plus some sharps for my mom and e-waste.  The kids were fascinated by the hazmat suits the guys were wearing.  I mean, they weren't full-fledged hazmat suits, but they were still impressive, along with the gloves, goggles,etc.

2. Had lunch and pretty authentic gelato with my sister.  It was fun.  And yummy.

3. Dropped off my old unused needles from my infertility treatments at a needle exchange location.  They were really grateful, and it felt so good not only to get them out of the house, but to see them go to good use.

4. Dropped off a box of hotel soap my mom had been hoarding for years at the local Loaves and Fishes.  They were also really grateful, and I felt sorry that I hadn't brought more stuff.  But I will keep it in mind for the future.

5. Dropped off another 4 or 5 bags of stuff at the thrift store.  I still have a LOOOOOONG way to go getting rid of extraneous stuff around here, but that still felt good.

6. Bought sweet peppers to plant in the garden, plus one more eggplant.

7. Went to the post office to snail mail some gift cards to my nephew for his birthday (which is today, I'm SO not on the ball).

8. Made it home and the kids were not interested in going out again, even though I had also planned to drop off baby clothes at an acquaintance's house and go grocery shopping.  Fine by me.  I'm tired.

Then my husband and kids surprised me with Mother's Day flowers, the perfect start to the weekend.  And tonight we're off for rock climbing and a nice dinner out while my sis watches the kids.  AND it's my favorite festival in town this weekend.  So I'm in a pretty good spot right now.

Hope you all have a good weekend, too.