Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Approaching seven months

We're sick. It sucks. Turtle got it first, along with L's cousin who's here from Italy to help us for a month. Turtle has had a fever as high as 103 (underarm), and his nose is running like crazy. He also has a cough. Yesterday was the most pathetic I've ever seen him, just laying in the arms of whoever wanted to hold him at that moment and being really cuddly. The cuddly thing is sort of nice. Speaking as the mom of two babies who don't normally cuddle.

Tadpole had a high fever today, and her sickness is a bit different. She has the same runny nose, but she's hoarse and is sneezing a lot (so is Mama). While she's more cuddly than usual, she's still pretty active and independent. She's a little fireball.

Overall, we're reaching an exciting time. Tadpole's been crawling (!) for a couple weeks now, although it's not a proper crawl, just a military crawl. Still, she gets around, and fast! It's a little scary, since the house is a bit of a shambles. Turtle started sitting up around the same time that Tadpole started crawling. It's funny to see the difference in their personalities. Turtle will sit up with a bunch of toys and play with them quietly, examining them and turning them over and over, with his head tilted to the side. Sometimes he cries and holds out his arms to be picked up. Occasionally he falls over, and then he cries for someone to come and set him back up or pick him up. He hasn't even tried to crawl.

Tadpole on the other hand was rolling all over the place until she got the hang of crawling so she could give that stupid rolling thing a rest. Crawling is a better way to get around! She rolled under the futon, to the back door, out of her carseat, and into a lot of trouble in general. Then she started crawling and I can't leave her alone for even a second now. She is into EVERYTHING. She rarely cries, even when she bumps her head. She steals Turtle's toys. We had to put a bumper in her crib, stat, so she wouldn't bash her head against the rails. She probably travels over every square inch of her crib five times during the night. I still think it's funny that my MIL thought she should have sheets, blankets, and a pillow!

Turtle has two teeth and more coming in. It's part of why he's so miserable now. Tadpole is finally getting teeth. She's not as miserable as Turtle.

Turtle rolled himself up inside a blanket a little while ago. Tadpole had fun inside a laundry basket. We took them up to the mountains for the first time this last weekend (which is most likely where the sickness came from). We broke out the jogging stroller last week, but now we can't leave the house with these little sickies.

We're also sleep training, with mixed success. This sickness may just set everything back. Which sucks.

I wanted to catch up to where I was, chronologically with the babes. Hope to get back on track soon. And post some photos.