Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moving on ... sort of

OK, so the doctor’s office called me back this morning to let me know that the doctor had already put in the Clomid prescription for me, and that I should take it on CD 3-7. So way too late this cycle (today is CD 6). I’ll probably go get the prescription today, though – I’m hoping that will not only give me hope, but also get me excited about future cycles and less focused on this one.

We’ve decided to do nothing at all this cycle – besides the SHG next Monday and our consult, but those aren’t specific to THIS cycle. No POAS, no medications (obviously), no even rough timing of BMS, no 2ww, nothing. Just relax and have fun.

We’re going up to a cabin in a TINY town in the mountains for New Year’s, with a nice jetted bath tub, kitchenette, king-sized bed, and DVD player. Awesome. I’m excited. We’ll spend our days skiing, our afternoons lounging, we’ll just have fun. Then next weekend we go to San Diego for my conference (which will be anything BUT relaxing). In the meantime, and afterwards, I have a LOT of housework to do, immigration work (also somewhat stressful), and I have to finish L’s Christmas present (yikes). So I have a lot of other stuff to worry about.

So for the now the plan is SHG on Monday, consult with RE on Tuesday. Unless the SHG shows something or someone recommends against it, we’ll start with Clomid on the next cycle, which is around January 22. Which would put our BMS time right around when we leave for Italy (I wonder how that would affect the OPKs?), and our HPT time (argh, trying not to jinx myself) around when we would come back from Italy. That might be stressful.

Ok, calm down. At least I don’t feel like crying constantly. Just occasionally today.

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