Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Christmas!

So just a quick update. Had some pretty awful digestional distress after dinner last night, which seems to have carried over to this morning (probably something to do with the cookie I ate after breakfast). I'm dreading eating my leftovers for lunch at this point.

Also, the digestional feelings feel a bit like cramps. Which is freaking me out a bit.

Also, I realized that for whatever reason, I circled Thursday as D-Day for AF. It's actually the earliest possible day based on my typical time-frame of 27-30 day cycles. Thursday would be CD 27. So in total theory, spotting could start today. Or as late as Friday. And AF could arrive as late as Sunday. So I won't even allow myself to think of a HPT until Sunday at least. Monday or Tuesday would be even better. Although the negative thinker in me says that I will be using my Diva Cup long before then.

And that's about it. Will update as I feel like it. I hate this stupid 2ww, but it would all be so worth it to have a BFP.

Update at 2:39 pm: Bboobs are definitely feeling sore today. Trying very hard not to get hopes up.

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