Monday, December 22, 2008


My doctor/hospital is/are unbelievable. I'm SO upset about our doctor bill. We went in for the test, the HSG, and they quoted us around $650 and said we'd get a 40% discount if we paid right then. So we paid. Now we get a bill that has the HSG on there, and something else called a sonohyster (I think it's cut off at that point). I'm scheduled for a sonohysterogram (SHG) in January. Sounds like the same thing, right? And it's $1440!!!!!!! Holy crap! And we don't get the benefit of the discount, since we of course didn't pay it up front.

I called the OBGYN, and they had no record of the bill (the HSG was actually done at the hospital, not at their office), and they confirmed that I was scheduled for an SHG in January. So I called billing. First they said that the two charges are for the same thing - they're just two separate parts. And I said why did they only charge us for the $650 one then, if we wanted to pay up front? Why didn't anyone even mention that there would be another charge for $1400? So then she said she would have to look into what happens when they quote you one thing and then charge you something way more, but that we'd probably have to pay it. And then I said, btw, I'm scheduled for a sonohysterogram in January (which I'm probably now cancelling because it costs SO FREAKING MUCH), but doesn't it therefore seem likely that I didn't just have one this month?

So then she said she didn't know, and would have to log some sort of question in for me, it probably wouldn't get answered until January, and in the meantime, I wouldn't have to pay. I can't believe it. I spent all that money and time trying NOT to get pregnant for years. What a waste!

Anyway, only 3-4 days until AF is expected. Only 2 days until I expect to start spotting. Yikes. The doctor is out all this week, and should call me on Monday, so by then I may feel quite differently. I’ll probably share my concerns about costs and ask her about ALL of my options. I think she should at least talk to me about what she thinks before scheduling me for these ridiculously expensive tests.

I worked like crazy on my Christmas gifts this weekend, without a moment to spare for obsessing, of course, but also for cleaning, errands, laundry, etc. Things are a disaster. So even though I got a LOT done on my gifts, I should have plenty to do to keep me distracted this week.

Tonight is rock climbing and painting (and cookie-making?), tomorrow night chores and grouting. Wednesday we go to my mom’s, deliver cookies, and celebrate Christmas. Thursday will be a slow, lazy day.

OK, now I’m just rambling. Looking forward to a few days off, even if they end up sucking for obvious reasons.

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