Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dear Baby Gecko

Well, Baby Gecko, you've only got two days until you're predicted to make your appearance.  Although I know that can be off by two weeks either way, you've used up the first two, and the circumstances of the birth of your older brother and sister have shortened the second two weeks to a week and a half.  So I'd like to kindly suggest considering joining us here on the outside pretty soon.

I totally get that you've had a great time in there.  We've done so much fun stuff!  But I promise, I SWEAR, it's much more fun to participate in these things yourself, rather than vicariously inside my tummy.

Honestly, it's been a pretty awesome pregnancy from that point of view - I got to take you along with me on some really cool experiences.  We went backpacking twice - the first time your brother and sister got to go, too.  We went to Desolation Wilderness, one of your Papi's and my favorite places to get out into the wild.  We went camping in Yosemite's high country, which included hiking, hanging out with really good friends, rock climbing for Papi, Brother, and Sister, and just some awesome wilderness views and a renewing time for the whole family.

We went to Italy, where we took your big bro and big sis skiing, and Turtle even learned to ski by himself.  Tadpole was almost there, too - she'll get it this year for sure.  We went to Hawaii, where I got to take you snorkeling with me.  We saw sea turtles and tons of fish, coral, just amazing beautiful things.  We hiked through a volcano's caldera, and through a lava tube.  We had a wonderful time with good friends.

How amazing it has been to share these experiences with you!  But you want to know a secret?  Your Papi and your big brother and big sister want to meet you, too.  Your grandma is driving me crazy calling me to find out if you've been born yet.  Your grandparents from Italy are coming to visit in just a few weeks, and they're excited to meet you, too.  You have an aunt and uncle just waiting to welcome you to the family, a huge extended family in Italy who are expecting news of you, and tons of friends who are just waiting to know when you'll be here.

So, please, come soon!  We all love you so much and are looking forward to seeing you and learning everything about you - your eye color, your smile, your personality.  And to be honest with you, this mamma is getting a bit tired and achy and ready to be done with the pregnancy part of this and hold you in her arms and give you a million hugs and kisses.  That doesn't sound so bad, does it?  This is a big beautiful world with so much to see and learn and do ... won't you come join us out here?


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