Thursday, August 16, 2012

Notes and ramblings

I wish I had time to write more, but I've been pretty swamped lately.  I've got so much going on, and I thought I'd just outline it here, in the hopes that I'll have more time to write about it in coming weeks.  Sorry for the bullets - I LOVE bullets, and find they really help organize my thoughts, and make random streams of consciousness much more organized.

  • I'm training for a marathon!  I don't really have the aerobic base that I'd like to have for this kind of training, but it's ok going so far.  My longest run so far is 7 miles, most of my runs are more like 3-4 miles.  Next week I have to attempt 9, which I'm a bit nervous about.  I already registered for the marathon since spaces were running out, and it's great to have a goal, but I feel that if at any point in my training I don't think I will make it or I'm really hurting myself, I will stop.
  • I'm super busy with arts and crafts and I'm getting lots of ideas from Pinterest, and I'd like to put them up here as I'm working on them.  I've made a couple dresses for Tadpole, pillowcases for Turtle's room, blankets for the kids to take to preschool, a bunch of fun games and activities, colorful napkins, and some travel feltboards.  In the works are more clothes for the kids, quiet books (in progress, but stalled at the moment), finishing the kids' Christmas stockings (I work on them every once in a while, but they're quickly moving up the priority list), and some Italian-language learning projects.  
  • The kids are doing great, and finally enjoying preschool a bit more.  They still speak mostly Italian, but are clearly understanding English.  They're hilarious, and I'd like to post more about them, including some pics.  Sometimes some of the funny stuff they say loses something in translation, though.  They're really into cars, trucks, buses, tractors, airplanes, trains, and so on.  Tadpole still loves her stuffed animals, though.  They also love playing with water and doing art.  We haven't gone to the playground much because it's so hot - we've spent a lot more time in the backyard and the pool instead.
  • My vegetable garden is doing pretty well, despite the lack of care I give it.  I barely have time to harvest the vegetables.  Hopefully next week I can make and can some tomato sauce.  I've already frozen some heirloom tomatoes to make sauce, too.
  • Overall, I'm trying to use my "free time" to organize the house and my life a bit.  I made some major progress in the garage before our landscaper moved a bunch of equipment back in and stalled that project.  I've cleaned up our home office, and now I'm in the middle of making a mess again while I reorganize years of papers, books, and memorabilia (it will take a while, I'm sure).  I'm slowly working my way through my closet, both the clothing and the other stuff I've got stored in there.  I reorganized the pantry (which still needs some work), and I've gotten rid of bags and bags of toys and kids clothes (along with a ton of stuff from the garage).  I still need to work on other closets around the house and the kitchen, plus finish up all the stuff above, but I've made such noticeable progress that it makes me feel good to look around and see what I've done.  I know I'll get there someday.
And that's the update for now.  Will try to do better at posting more!