Monday, April 13, 2009


I was a bit surprised and touched to see the responses to my last post. I was very tired and feeling overdramatic and moody and weepy. I had a good cry and felt a bit ridiculous for myself, and also annoyed at my own self-pity. I've seen so many other IF-ers going through SO much more than I am, and I know I'm still at the beginning of the road.

So on Saturday morning after my post, my husband got up and we went for a long bike ride through a beautiful green valley with wildflowers everywhere and my spirits lifted a lot. The rest of the weekend went well.

I'm not having a beta. I guess my clinic doesn't do that for an IUI? Or unless you get a positive on a HPT? I don't know why. I had negative HPTs yesterday and today, but no AF, likely because of the progesterone.

I called the clinic this morning and was told to stop the progesterone and wait for AF. If it doesn't arrive by Friday, I'm to take another HPT and call with the results. Even though I know that this cycle is over, I'm not going to stick a BFN over there on the sidebar until AF arrives. I want it to be official. It is a little sobering to realize, as another blogger mentioned (and I'm sorry, I don't remember who), that I will not be having a baby in 2009.

So that's that. Although I did know that progesterone can delay AF, for some reason I didn't make the connection that it would therefore delay my next IUI attempt. I'm a little bit bummed about that. Impatience is the name of the game for me.

Congrats to those of you who got BFPs in the last week!

P.S. If anyone has experience with progesterone and delayed AF, I'd love your insight.


  1. Sorry to hear this cycle isn't the one.

    I actually bled through the progesterone, but I was only taking it twice a day. The next time, I was taking it 3 times per day and didn't bleed through. Once you stop, AF should arrive within a couple days.

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog, and I'm so sorry to hear about your Easter Saturday BFN. It is so tough to get a BFN, and I have had three of them in the last week! Each one has been difficult to get over.
    My AF arrived today after I stopped taking Projesterone.
    I will be following your story, and I hope that AF arrives soon.
    Caroline x

  3. It doesn't matter what anyone else is going through, hon. It matters what YOU'RE going through and how YOU feel. I don't mean to sound like it doesn't matter what others feel, just saying it IS ok for you to be bummed or sad or anything else you feel. Glad you had a great day with your hubby. Sending you a hug!

  4. I'm so sorry. It doesn't matter how far into this journey you are - every BFN hurts. Glad the rest of your weekend was good. I'll be watching for updates as your next cycle approaches.

  5. Oh yes. When I was doing progesterone supp AF showed about 3 days after I stopped. Same with IM injections. I hope if she has to show that it's soon so the next cycle can get started.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm sorry that this cycle is a no-go for you. No matter how much we try to talk ourselves out of feeling sad, a BFN is always a kick in the gut. Hang in there and enjoy a glass of wine or some other fruity adult-type beverage! ((hugs))

  7. I've had 5 IUI's and after an HPT comes back negative I stop the prometrium and AF arrives about 3 days later. My clinic does not do betas if you get a negative HPT either.


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