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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Injection Super-heroine!

Yup, that's me! I gave myself my own injection! I'm SO proud of myself.

Granted, it was supposed to be 0.5 cc, and I only had 0.2 cc left. That's what gave me the courage to do it - knowing it would be really quick.

And also, because I'm a dumb-ass, I left my purse at my office. Luckily, the really nice train conductor believed me when I told him I had a monthly pass and let me go home anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow I find out how badly I messed up my knee. And how much the progesterone suppositories are going to affect me, since I take the first one tonight. Eek.

Still 10 days left in the 2ww.


  1. yay for you! i hope the progesterone isn't too bad. and i hope 10 days flies by for you.

  2. That's so brave! Pretty soon injections will seem like no big deal to you.

  3. Nice work, super shot lady! Good luck tomorrow, let us know how it went! 10 days? PFFTTT that's nothing, you can TOTALLY do THIS! I believe in YOU!

  4. Nice job! I think the first one is the worst. The dread-factor plummets after that. Hope the knee verdict is okay.


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