Monday, April 20, 2009

Still twiddling

I had a pretty nice weekend - it was Picnic Day here at UC Davis, so I spent the day checking out farm animals, meeting up with friends, and watching the Battle of the Bands (and reminiscing about when I was in college and how much fun it was).

Yesterday, my husband and I rode our bikes along (almost) the entire American River Bike Trail in Sacramento (31.5 miles) to go to a friend's surprise birthday party. We made great time, and I feel really positive about maybe placing in a triathlon this summer if I don't get pregnant. That's my big goal for the summer if things don't work out for us this spring - getting first, second, or third place in my age group at a triathlon (last year I got fifth place). Anyway, the party was pretty fun too, although it was mostly old high school acquaintances that I don't know very well, and quite honestly, I'm willing to move on with my life and not spend all my time wishing I was still in high school.

Two more days of clomid, and a second ultra-sound this Friday. I'm just enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, riding my bike, gardening, and trying to enjoy life instead of stress about IF. Although I did realize that chances are my HPT will be on Mother's Day. Great! Just what I need.

The good news is that next Friday, I meet with the knee doctor again and can stop wearing this brace - it is NOT comfortable when it's 95 degree outside! Luckily, my knee feels great, and I think I've avoided catastrophe until my next stupid accident.

I hope you're all having nice weather wherever you are, too!


  1. YAY for no more brace! The weather here has been beautiful. Sending you hugs, hon!

  2. Congrats on the great time! Sounds like a really fun assistant is a Davis grad and was up there for Picnic Day as well.

  3. Can I just say I hope you get pregnant because that sounds better than training for a triathlon?

    We're having great weather here, too. :-)

  4. Oooh...knee injuries are miserable. Glad to hear you healed so well. And, training for the triathalon is great training for early pregnancy. The Mayo clinic book on pregnancy say the energy expended during early pregnancy is the equivalent of running a triathalon per day.



  5. sounds like a really nice weekend! i'm glad you were able to put IF thoughts on hold and i am jealous of the beautiful weather you have. it was in the 40's and cloudy in the northeast this weekend. brrrr...


  6. I am extremely jealous of your nice weather! :)
    Good luck with your u/s appointment on Friday!!


  7. From ICLW (and equally lovely spring-like weather):

    Really hoping that one of your two goals is realised this summer and that the remaining one follows just after :-)


  8. YAY for unseasonably warm weather! It's been warm here, too, and I LOVE it! happy ICLW


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