Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sock It To Me

Hey ! Finally! A picture of my beee-you-tiful socks! My sock partner was Beautiful Mess, and she sent me the cheeriest, happiest socks you can imagine. Take a look:

I was so happy to receive my socks in the mail, and I've worn them to every RE visit since (and a few other times, too). They're so perfect for this time of year, I'm trying to figure out an outfit so that I can wear them on Easter - especially since that's going to be the day of my HPT.

Beautiful Mess and SITM were great introductions to the IF blogging world. I started my blog back in, um, October? Mostly because I was feeling so much pain and had to write it down. I kept it password protected, and almost never commented on others' blogs because I was too shy and felt that until I reached one year of ttc, I didn't really belong.

Once I got up my courage, I commented on Murgdan's blog, and she started checking in on me once in a while. That gave me even more courage, and I started to get involved. Somehow I stumbled onto Kym's blog, and found the SITM sock exchange - I thought it was a great idea. I was so excited to pick out socks for my sock buddy, Battynurse, and to get my socks from Beautiful Mess. And that opened up a whole new world of blogs and support.

I love being part of this network of support. The reactions I get from my bloggie friends are so different than from people I know IRL, and people here actually understand what I'm talking about and what I'm going through in a way that my IRL friends (and even my husband) just can't. It's been a great support, even on the days when I just want to cry on the couch and wait for bedtime. And honestly, being able to hope against hope for others takes a lot of the focus off of thinking only of myself, which is great. Being a part of a support team has been just as rewarding as having a support team.

So ... thank all of you! Thanks Beautiful Mess for my socks, and everyone else for all the words of hope!


  1. YAAAAY!!! I've been waiting for this post because I wanted to see what they looked like. Obviously I knew what the looked like, but on the website. I'm so glad you like them and they are so cute! As soon as I saw them I thought they were perfect! You should wear a skirt and a pair of boots with them, that would wold be really cute! I'm gonna go check out your sock buddy, now.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Great socks!! And I totally hear what you're saying about the amazing IF blogging community...what a gift.

  3. Che belle calze! :-) Glad I could help usher you into was the same way for me.


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