Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekends rock

OMG, what a fantastic weekend. I didn't even do anything remarkably cool or fun or anything, it was just cathartic for so many reasons.

First, I got my socks from my sock buddy! They are super awesome, but I'm not going to post about them now because I'm waiting until the official day.

Friday night was tons of fun, wine-tasting at a new winery in my town then out to dinner with a huge group of friends and then playing pool. Well, I didn't play pool, I just watched and tried not to fall asleep until my poor husband took me home. The Saturday morning farmer's market and trip to IKEA were great, and I spent the rest of the weekend putting together furniture, reorganizing closets, and making my apartment look all spiffy.

One of the things I've been wanting to do was to buy a new bookshelf in order to clean out the armoire we keep in our office. In my head, I figured that if we ever happen to have a baby while we're still living in our little apartment (knock on wood), the armoire would be perfect for storing stuff. Except that it's been completely full of books, photos, computer paper, and whatever else I needed to cram in there (hello, sharps container). We bought an absolutely MASSIVE bookshelf at IKEA (it really didn't look that big in the store) and now the armoire is on its way to being empty.

Does cleaning out furniture for possible future baby stuff that I haven't yet bought count as jinxing myself? I certainly wouldn't dream of actually buying anything yet! I swear!

The only troubling aspect of the weekend was the spotting I experience on Friday night and Saturday. CD 24 and 25. I normally spot the two days before my period, which would be Sunday and Monday, or Monday and Tuesday, depending on whether my cycle is 27 or 28 days (it varies). So this was 2-3 days early.

What's up with that? Is it normal to spot 4-5 days before your period? I'm confused, and I don't know if I should do anything. Certainly when I get my period in a day or two, and call the RE to set up my baseline u/s, I'll mention it. I'm just wondering if this could be a symptom of something wrong that wouldn't be picked up by one of the tests I've done. I certainly don't seem to have had as much bloodwork and hormone testing as many of the other infertile women whose blogs I read (I had one blood test, last September, that was around CD 21, and that was it - my doctor said I showed "strong ovulation"). If anyone is reading this and has any ideas, please let me know!

Thanks! Happy Monday!


  1. Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun! Ikea makes me drool. The closest one we have here in over by the airport in Portland. Before that it was SEATTLE! How crazy is that?! As far as your spotting goes, I don't know if it's normal or not, but I do know that if it is brown, that's old blood and there could be something wrong. Like an infection. That's just MY experience though. Good luck and I hope you get your answers, soon!
    P.SP. glad you got your socks ;o)

  2. Hi there,
    Yes I did get my socks on Friday. Thanks, they're great!!


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