Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm trying not to be negative, I swear! But life seems to be really kicking me while I'm down these days.

So we didn't have an IUI this month, but I'm still feeling pretty positive. We triggered on Friday night and tried our best with timed intercourse, which was tough because we drove a collective 12-14 hours this weekend and didn't find out we needed to do timed intercourse until the last possible moment. I also had a reaction to the HCG injection - a big red raised area of skin at the injection site that was painful to the touch. That freaked me out, but it seems to be mostly gone now.

And now we wait - more HCG today and Thursday, and progesterone starting Thursday (but NOT PIO, thank goodness!). HPT on Easter - I'm hoping that's a good sign! I'm really only 1 day into the 2ww. I'm so impatient.

But the real issue is that my husband really wanted to go surfing this weekend since we were near the beach. Neither of us can surf, we've only tried it once, and although it's California and pretty warm, it's still March and it wasn't exactly summer-like weather. There weren't a lot of waves, either, which apparently meant that there were more rocks exposed (I don't get that, but whatever). At one point, I jumped off the board and landed on a rock with my right foot. My right knee has a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) from a skiing accident two years ago. When I landed on the rock, my knee buckled to the side, and now I'm gimpy again. After going through a long period of rehab when this happened the first time and only now getting really back into shape, I'm not at all happy about this. I'm also in pain, and pretty uncomfortable, which makes sleeping quite difficult, so I'm a bit tired and cranky, too.

One of the reasons I kept putting off having reconstructive surgery the first time around was that I was planning to get pregnant and I thought it would be best to wait until after I had kids. (Hahahahaha). So now I need to go to the orthopedist and see what to do. Surgery? Custom knee brace? Just wait and let things try to heal on their own?


  1. So sorry to hear about your knee! I've got a gimpy one as well, and re-straining it is always a bummer.

    Keeping fingers crossed that the timed intercourse does its thing! I think an Easter HPT is a very good thing. :)

  2. Ouch on the knee! I'm (as always) hoping for the best for you on this 2ww...!

  3. Oooh, bummer about the knee. No fun. But sending you lots of good wishes for the 2ww...

  4. Sorry about your knee. My friend hurt hers and they wanted her to go to rehab before they would consider surgery. Maybe that's an option for you. Good luck on your two week wait! I'm rooting for ya, hon!

  5. Ouch. I tore my MCL a while ago, also from skiing. Not fun.


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