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Monday, March 9, 2009

Show and Tell

I'm trying this for the first time ... it's the Stirrup Queen's Show and Tell. This is a picture from a previous trip to visit my husband's hometown in Italy.

This picture was taken while we were back-country skiing quite a few years ago. The building in the center of the picture is a mountain hut where you can spend the night in the summer - it's not open during the winter. Just for a comparison, here is a photo of the same place during the summer. That's me in the middle, btw.

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  1. Happy first time to Show and Tell! It's a lot of fun. Hey next time ya'll go to Italy, can I go with ya? I promise to be good! Those are really beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.

  2. It's so gorgeous! What an amazing place to grow up.

    Just added the link to Mr. Linky for you. It's in the center of the post, but you may not be able to see it if you don't have javascript on your computer.

  3. Absolutely woohoo! Quite a pleasant landscape that.

    What a great start to your show and tell journey! Welcome!


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