Monday, March 2, 2009

A very brief update

We got back last night and I’m pooped. Exhausted. Happy to be home! Happy to see my kitty! Staggered at the thought of finishing unpacking and working on all the unfinished projects that have been nagging at me forever. Stressed about taxes.

Anyway, it was a nice trip, minus a few little problems. There is not a lot to think about fertility-wise for the moment. We’re not actively trying this month in the sense that we’re not charting, using OPKs, taking medications, or undergoing any sort of fertility treatment, although we ARE keeping half an eye on the calendar just to try to cover our bases (which I guess WOULD be actively trying for fertile people).

Trying VERY hard not to get ANY hopes up for this cycle, since so far our statistics show that we have a 0% chance of getting pregnant. Instead, I’m trying to envision how excited I will be to start IUI #2 when AF arrives.

AF should arrive, and therefore IUI #2 should begin, around March 17-18, which gives me a whole new 2ww. Lovely. Since I’m SO good at waiting.

In the meantime – rain, bridal showers, getting back to life as usual, and a new goal to get in even better shape so I can kick ass in a triathlon this summer, should IUI #2 and whatever comes after not work.

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