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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 dpo, 4 days to go

I keep forgetting that I have that little ticker at the top of my screen, counting down the days for me. Somehow Saturday seems like more than 4 days away.

Some friends have been planning a 4th of July camping weekend at Lake Tahoe. I originally told them my husband and I would be interested, but then he said he couldn't go because he has to work.

Unlike most of my friends, who are driving up to the mountains on Friday, I don't get Friday off. Instead, I get a holiday credit to use whenever I want,and considering vacation plans, upcoming knee surgery, IVF, and Christmas in Italy, I need to save those days whenever I can. Also, I want to be home Saturday morning to do the HPT, I'd really rather not do it in a tent. Even more importantly, I want to be with my husband when I do it.

But I don't really want to sit around all weekend while my husband is working. So I've almost decided to drive up by myself on Saturday, after testing, and spend the weekend with my friends. I'm not a big 4th of July fan, but my husband is not American and REALLY doesn't care.

And if the test is negative, as it almost certainly will be, I really don't want to be sitting around at home while my husband works and my friends are partying and hiking at Lake Tahoe. That will be so depressing.

I think I just talked myself into it for sure. Lake Tahoe here I come!

... in 4 more days. Sigh.


  1. I think your plan sounds like a good one. Like you, I'd rather test at home, but also wouldn't want to sit around all weekend while my husband worked.

    My husband and I realized last week that we never made plans for July 4th weekend. Oh well. We are actually looking forward to doing nothing!

    Good luck for your test on Saturday! I will be reading with interest for your result.

  2. I'll be thinking of you on Saturday. Have fun at Lake Tahoe.

  3. Great plan! Surround yourself with friends and happiness. Either outcome, it'll be the best thing to do. But I'm keepin' my fingers crossed for a big BFP!

  4. 4 days is easy peasy! ;o) Going camping with your friends sounds like a WONDERFUL plan! I'm holding all your hope for you and of course jumping up and down like an idiot cheering on egg and sperm. Sending you SO much good JUJU!!!

  5. I'm still crossing everything I've got for you...and your plan sounds like a good one. Have a great weekend in Tahoe!

  6. yes do it! i think you should go to tahoe for sure! it's definitely best to get away. my fingers are crossed for you this cycle though! hopefully you won't even have to worry about taking time off for IVF!

  7. Lake Tahoe sounds great. I agree that it's good to keep busy.


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