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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Show and Tell - Swimming

This is my Show and Tell - a picture from the triathlon where I got 5th place! That was one of my proudest days. That's me in the middle, in the light blue triathlon suit.

I was a high school swimmer, so when I read an article while in grad school about triathlons, I was immediately intrigued. That was about 7 or 8 years ago. Since then, I've completed 5 triathlons and 2 relay triathlons.

Swimming is still a favorite activity for me. Two months ago I joined the Davis Aquatic Masters swim team (which has been kicking my ass, btw), and I almost always leave the pool feeling refreshed and re-energized. Once in a while, the workout really kicks my ass to the point where I leave feeling a bit drained and worn out.

Today, there were two pregnant women at practice, who I've never seen (one of them maybe I just didn't notice she was pregnant, she was not THAT far along). She totally kicked my ass at practice. Then when I got out of the pool, yet another VERY pregnant woman accompanied her husband to watch his practice. Where did all these pregnant women come from?! I just wish I could block them out until the 4th of July.

Still - swimming is awesome, and so are triathlons. That's the moral of the story.

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  1. Swimming is awesome and I think its fabulous that you compete in triathlons.

  2. I love swimming! I use to be a swimmer when I was younger, no triathlons for me! Good work doing so many of them! You should be very proud of yourself!

  3. I was a swimmer too. LOVED it. Best exercise ever (the only kind I ever liked).

    ...*must find pool*.....

  4. I used to swim back in school too! Have done a couple of triathlon relays. How I miss those days!

    BTW... I had come across an article a couple of months back which spoke about how athletic girls could have an hormonal imbalance trigering IF... need to research a little about this to see how it holds true!

  5. I love swimming - haven't for years though. No pools or available "swimming holes" around now.

    That's pretty cool that you compete in triathlons :)

  6. that's so awesome that you compete! What a great way to stay healthy!

  7. I really admire you for competing in triathlons! I love swimming, and need to get back into it! Way to go!

  8. Look at you doing the competitive thing! That's awesome... I always loved swimming as a kid. Summer meant the long bike ride to the local community outdoor pool and hours spent floating on my back staring at the clouds!

    btw... I may end up coming to you for help with the herbs. I'm going to need to put them into bigger pots soon and I will likely bungle it royally!


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