Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy 8's (9dpo, 5 days to go)

Note - this last week flew by, and so did the weekend. Here's to hoping that this next week goes just as fast =)

Whoops! Just saw that I was tagged by Mugsy over at Drive Fast. Take Chances for this meme, and didn't realize it until now.

I've seen this meme floating around and thought I should do it anyway, so here goes:

The rules:

Mention the person who tagged me - done
Complete the list of 8’s - done
Tag 8 bloggers & tell them I tagged them - probably not, but feel free to do it if you like!

Eight things I am looking forward to:
Trip to Alaska, August 2009 (yay!)
Knee surgery (or really, having a fixed knee)
Going to Italy for Christmas
The first heirloom tomatoes from my garden
Swim practice after work today
Taking my future children on outdoor adventures
Doing at least one triathlon this summer
Girls backpacking trip with my college friend later this summer

Eight things I did yesterday:
Watered the garden
Made goat cheese (yum!)
Saw my first almost-red tomato
Sat in the swimming pool reading about Alaska
Had an "Addicted to Chocolate" shake at Ben and Jerry's
Got a new swimsuit and goggles
Visisted my friend's vegetable garden
Went for a bike ride before it got crazy hot

Eight things I wish I could do:
Get pregnant! (duh)
Get first place in a triathlon
Be more assertive
Play the cello (or violin)
Grow lots more vegetables (potatoes!)
Buy a nice house for a decent price in Davis (ha!)
Have livestock (chickens, goats, etc.)
Find a job that I really love

Eight shows I watch:
I don't watch ANY of these regularly, b/c we have no cable/digital TV or whatever you need; we watch stuff online, get netflix, or borrow from the library. Also, I just don't watch much TV. So these are a few shows I've watched occasionally in the last few years (not even sure if some of them are still on!).

That 70's Show
Gilmore Girls
The Simpsons
Trading Spaces

That's all I can think of, sorry =)

Eight favorite fruits:

Eight places I’d like to travel:
New Zealand
South America

Eight places I’ve lived:
Saratoga, CA
Roseville, CA
Granite Bay, CA
Berkeley, CA
Boston, MA
Paris, France (just for a summer)
Davis, CA
Vinadio, Italy (for short periods, it's where my husband is from)

People I’ve tagged:
No one! I think everyone else has already done it, but if you haven't be my guest!


  1. Awesome lists! you're passing the time well! Not much longer to go! I'm still being obnixous and cheering for you ;o)

  2. Sorry, but I hope you won't be able to do that triathlon this summer. :-)

  3. any fun imaginary symptoms to share? i'm at 11dpiui today too. 3 more days to go.


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