Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I didn't POAS. I'm still giving myself HCG supplemental injections, so I'd get a positive for sure.

But I went to the dollar store to buy at least a few HPTs (or maybe more if I wanted to test out the HCG), and they didn't have any! Where the HPTs had been were now piles and piles of OPKs! I mean, WTF? Probably some idiot had no idea there was a difference. The dollar store variety of HPTs and OPKs look pretty much the same, only the name on the box is different. What a bunch of morons.

So I will not be testing out the trigger, and I WILL be waiting for the 4th of July to test. Although - when I had the IUI, it was with a different doctor and nurse than I usually see because it was on a Saturday. And she said, as we were walking out the door, "Make sure you don't test before 16 days!"

Um ... really? Because I thought 14 was pretty standard. Whatever, I'm testing anyway.

I was so sure I'd be able to maintain my zen from last cycle, but it is nowhere to be found. I'm impatient, irritable, and cranky. I'm usually annoyed with most of the people around me, including my wonderful husband. And I know that next week is going to be much worse.

I am so very happy for all the bloggers who are getting BFPs right now. Especially since many of them are third-time IUIers, and that gives me so much hope. Still, psychologically, I'm having a hard time with the fact that most of the blogs that I follow have transitioned, in the last 2 days to 5 months, from IF blogs to pregnancy blogs. But I'm trying to be optimistic and think that maybe that means that my turn must be coming soon, too.


  1. I've just found your blog, and I'm excited to see how this IUI goes for you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! If my follicles get bigger, we'll have our first IUI this week.

  2. sending out hugs and positive thoughts for you!! and i know what you mean, I was thinking that about the blog world...and then i got my bfp....praying it happens for you too!

  3. I'm still here and still not pregnant. I will be testing on 6/29, so I'm just a little ahead of you this cycle.

    I've never heard of continuing hCG injections after IUI. I guess one benefit is that it would give you an incentive not to test early to avoid a false positive.

    I hope the third time is the charm for you! ;-)

  4. Hoping for 3rd times a charm for you. Stupid dollar store for being out of hpts. How dare they.

  5. How annoying that the dollar store is out of HPT's! No fair! Sending you SO much good JUJU, hon! I'm in your corner cheering you and jumping up and down!

  6. Did you look by the registers? My Dollar store moved all of them to the registers and has OPKs where they used to be! Good luck testing on the 4th!


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