Wednesday, July 1, 2009

11 dpo, 3 days to go

Time is flying during this 2ww, I can't believe it. I'm just so crazily busy.

Yesterday my sister drove me home from work and dropped in on my master's swim practice. I think she really liked it. I have to say, after being a high school swimmer (and summer rec team swimmer), I felt really adrift after graduating. I have plenty of friends who played soccer or other sports and can join work teams or recreational teams. I'm so grateful that master's swimming exists, because otherwise it's impossible for adult swimmers to have the same thing.

My garden is doing great and keeping me really busy. I have two red cherry tomatoes, and tons of green beans. I pick them every other day and bring home a big bag. My husband is starting to get nervous about how many green beans we're going to be eating this summer.

Work is busy, too, which is the best thing possible. I have so many hobbies and interests outside of work, in addition to chores, that I never have time to be bored, but when you don't like your job and you sit at a desk in a cubicle all day, the 2ww can seem really, really long. I'm really happy when I'm busy enough to make the time pass a little more quickly.

I'm only three days away from finding out if we have to do IVF. It's a huge thing, especially because it will determine a lot of other things, such as my potential knee surgery and maybe even our Christmas plans.

One of the things I HATE about the night of the 13th day past IUI is not being able to sleep and having pregnancy dreams all night.

I'm really nervous.


  1. So glad that this 2WW is going fast for you. I agree; being busy at work does help!

    I hope the "third time's the charm" for you with the IUIs and you won't have to go any further. . .

  2. I'm glad your 2ww is flying by!
    Hoping you get some rest and aren't plagued by pregnancy dreams. Or at least, if you are, that they come true :).

  3. ooooh. I am so with you on that. i hope 3rd time is the charm for you too.

  4. That last day is tough. Hoping for you that this is successful.


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