Friday, July 10, 2009


It's Friday!

My boss responded to my email requesting time off for surgery, vacation, and IVF (after I already told her about it) by saying that she wanted to talk in person about my time off plans. I was so nervous - luckily she only just wanted to impress upon me the importance of getting caught up on my work before I go.

I am also nervous about my triathlon tomorrow - I feel like the time really snuck up on me and I can't believe it's already Friday and in 24 hours I'll be done.

I'm nervous about my knee surgery, and hope I'm making the right choice. I'm nervous about getting insurance to cover it.

I'm nervous about a baby shower I have to go to tomorrow, along with my sister and my mother who has no compassion for my infertility (and seems to actually blame me for not producing a grandchild yet). These are the friends who are completely obsessed with being pregnant. I'm just so stressed about how it's going to go - I can already predict that there are good chances of some insensitive, if not downright nasty, comments being sent my direction (insensitive from the friends, nasty from my mom).

I'm THRILLED about Sunday, when the tri and baby shower are over and I have no plans. Chores, garden, lazing around, reading - that's going to be a fun day.

To everyone reading - hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Having zero triathlon knowledge, do we say, "Good luck". "Kick some A#@?" Sorry about the shower, showers are still hard for me. And I'm sorry about your mom too. I've actually had to stop having contact with mine because of the things she says to us re. infertility. So here's to you brave girl! Keep that chin up.

  2. Good luck with your triathlon! I'll be sending you LOTS of good vibes for the baby shower and your family. Have the BEST Sunday ever!

  3. Good luck with the triathlon and I hope the baby shower goes ok.

  4. good luck, good luck, good luck! i hope you are able to wear your fertile friend shield and keep a smile on your face. enjoy your sunday :)

  5. You'll do great in the triathalon! You should be proud of yourself! Remember how awesome you are at the shower - just let all those comments roll off you - you have a great plan in motion for getting there when the time is right for you. Sunday is my "fun day" too. I can't wait!


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