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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6 weeks

This is a post that I hesitate to write, because I've read something similar on so many blogs before and it made me green with envy. I couldn't understand how anyone who was infertile could complain about morning sickness when they finally had what they wanted.

But this blog is both to share my experience with others and to record my experience for myself, and morning sickness is definitely part of my experience.

Today I am 6 weeks. Last week, I had been waking up in the wee hours of the morning feeling sick, but managing to go back to sleep and feeling mostly fine upon actually getting out of bed a few hours later. That all changed this past weekend, when suddenly I was horribly nauseous all morning. And then, the next day, nauseous again after lunch. And it progressed until now I am sick almost all of the time. Eating something helps - certainly being hungry exacerbates the problems immensely.

My cramps are all but gone, with just some twinges that feel more like gas pains than anything. I'm no longer freaking out that I will see blood every time I go to the bathroom. Instead, I spend my whole day wondering if and when I will puke, and feeling relieved during the short amounts of time when it subsides.

I am thrilled to be sick. But it is still way, way worse than I expected.

And I'm not getting my hopes up or getting a ticker or anything until the ultrasound next week. I AM still an infertile after all.

In the meantime, I put up a poll on the side, for fun. How many embryos do you think they'll see at the ultrasound next Thursday? I don't have a clue - sometimes I'm sure it's just one, other times I wonder. What do you think?

(The infertile in me wants to include "zero", but that is too pessimistic and macabre even for me. I'm trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can, and I don't think I'll jinx myself by being cautiously optimistic.)

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Don't hesitate to write what you feel. This blog is about you! Puking your guts out is not so much fun even if you are happy as to the cause! I am happily hoping for one or two for you! :) Happy turkey day!

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I enjoy reading the posts of IFers who have gotten their wish, it makes me think it's possible for me too!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. What ever you see, it will be perfect! :) You have a lot of people pulling for you! Can't wait for the results!

  4. You give us hope. Hope you start to feel a little better.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Sorry about the morning (all-day?) sickness -- it does indeed suck even if you've been wanting it for a long time! I found that the same food that made me feel better when I'd been hung over made me feel better during the first tri, for what it's worth. Of course, this is coming from a woman who gained 13 pounds in 13 weeks, so you might not want to take that with a grain of salt. :)

    Congrats on six weeks! Sending lots of good thoughts your way for your scan next week.

  6. LOL @ Barefoot's comment. I always ate whatever didn't make me ill. That did NOT include meat, but did include peanutbutter. Weird, isn't it! YAY for getting morning sickness but BOO for actually HAVING it..if that makes any sense at all.

    Sending you SO much love and good JUJU!

  7. Even though most of us sort of hope for "just enough" morning sickness to be reassuring the reality is that feeling sick sort of sucks. Even if it's reassuring. Happy thanksgiving to you too!

  8. Sorry you're feeling crappy, but congrats on 6 weeks!

    Will be thinking about you this week and hoping the ultrasound goes well.


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