Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm going to take a moment, in the midst of my amazement and disbelief and happiness, to complain about my infertility clinic. Don't get me wrong - it is now a minor part of what I'm hoping continues to be a big change of luck for me - but it is really annoying nonetheless.

Here was my day yesterday:

8 am-8:40 am - call clinic repeatedly but no one ever answers (to be fair, they have no posted hours, so I don't know what time anyone arrives anyway)

8:42 am - someone answers (not the usual receptionist) and tells me my coordinator is in a meeting, which will be over around 9, but she wouldn't necessarily be able to call back right then. I told her that I was calling because I had a positive hpt, and needed a blood test, which I thought would indicate it was important that I get a return call.

8:43 am - 10:43 am - I wait and no one calls me back.

10:44 am - I call and wait on hold for my coordinator, who never comes to the phone; someone else comes and says she'll check with the doctor about doing a beta and call me back right away

11:14 - the first (and only!) call I actually receive from the clinic all day; my coordinator asking me if I can come in RIGHT AWAY for a beta

11:15 - I race around getting my purse and shoes and things together

11:30 - I arrive at the clinic and get my blood drawn. My coordinator tells me that it should take a couple of hours for the result and promises to call me immediately as soon as she has it

11:45-1 pm - lunch with my sweetie

1-4:30 pm - waiting, waiting, waiting - it's been FIVE HOURS since I was told it would only take two hours and someone would call me right away - now I'm starting to worry that they will close or that my coordinator has gone home for the day

4:35 pm - I finally call the clinic to ask WTF; my coordinator has been waiting to ask the doctor if he wants me to even have a second beta, and so has not yelled called with the result. Yeah, like I would have minded if she had to call me twice, instead of sitting around half the day wondering what the result was. Finally get result!

Today as of noon - This morning at 6:30am I sent an email with a few basic questions, and asking if I can schedule my second beta - I've had good luck with email in the past, and not so great luck with calling them; but no response so far. Frustrating!

I'm obviously thrilled that I'm pregnant, but the cherry on top is that in a few more weeks, if all goes well, I no longer have to work with these people!


  1. Ugh! Darn clinic! Hoping they find their phones swiftly!

  2. That is ridiculous! Soon, you will be out of there!

  3. They always seem to take the longest with the results that we want the most!

    Off to the OBs office with you soon, prayerfully! :)

  4. That has to be completely frustrating!! Hope you hear from them soon!

  5. (just came across your blog)

    that is SO crazy! yah, two, three, four calls in day would not be wrong. not calling is wrong. you need that comfirmation upon confirmation. especially us TTC girls!

    congrats! hope you hear back ASAP!

  6. I think you have every right to vent your spleen about your crazy RE's office. After everything else they have put you through, they could at least have the decency to get you your results! Gah!

    Sending prayers, good thoughts, and spectacularly sticky baby dust... soon it will be off to the OB for you!

  7. Gawd, your clinic sucks. I'm hoping hoping hoping that your time dealing with them is short!


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