Wednesday, October 7, 2009


First, thanks for all the good thoughts yesterday about PIO! I do feel a lot better now.

Want to know another reason I feel better?

The clinic called me at 4:55 (nice timing) yesterday afternoon and told me that their October cycle group was rather large and the embryologist was requesting that not everyone cycle at once. They selected a group of people to move up a week, and they were hoping I wouldn't mind that they had picked me. Me!!!!! To start one week early!

So that means I am starting IVF TODAY!!!!!!!!!! We go in to our instruction class to get our meds and learn how to do all of it today at 1:30. And I get my first Lu.p.ron shot tonight.

I was so freaking happy. My husband, on the other hand, was pissed off. He has an important meeting at 1pm, and while his business partner can handle it without him, he is furious with the clinic for springing this on us at the last possible moment.

I was really upset with him for not being thrilled to drop everything to have an earlier chance to get started, but we both calmed down and got over it. I'm so excited!

So today is turning out to be rather busy. I won't have a chance to read everyone's recent posts and comment until another day or two.

Another note - we've found a house we're thinking about making an offer on. Another thing keeping me really busy. I guess when I finally catch my breath and catch up with things, I have a lot to chat about - IVF, the house, and my knee. Yay for good moods and good things happening!


  1. Yay! That's great news :).

    How exciting that you get to start early!

  2. Wow -- sounds like things are going great today... good luck!!

  3. Wow, good luck with everything. I hope you get a BFP soon! Have fun doing your shots.

  4. OMG is right! Such an exciting time! Good luck with the IVF cycle (a week early!!) and the house!

  5. Yay!! Lots of good thoughts coming your way.

  6. Yay! So many exciting things. I'll thinking of you and checking in often. Good luck!!!

  7. Whoohoo, the excitement starts!

  8. Yay!!! So exciting. Sorry the hubby didn't enjoy the excitement as much. I hope though that you have a fantastic cycle!
    Good luck with the house.

  9. That's awesome that you got to start early! And, don't worry ... the PIO isn't that bad.


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