Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving forward slowly

I'm starting to worry about my IF clinic a little bit. They don't seem to have things 100% together, and it's really starting to piss me off.

Granted ... my IVF coordinator left the week before I started, and apparently didn't arrange the hand-off of her patients perfectly. But still! I'm paying thousands of dollars ($17,000!) for a service, and what's more I'm spending my time and putting all kinds of crappy medications into my body and I would NOT be a happy camper if the clinic to which I am entrusting myself and my money made my cycle FUBAR through their own incompetence.

Now that I have that out of the way ...

I showed up yesterday at 3pm for my IVF egg class. First I paid off the balance I still owed. Then they gave me my Fol.lis.tim pen because the pharmacy for whatever reason didn't send me one. Then I told the receptionist that I was there for the class.

Receiptionist, in a cheery voice: "Uh ... what class? There's no class scheduled for today."

Me: "The egg class. It's on my schedule. Look, right here." (Pulling out my doctor-reviewed-and-signed IVF schedule.

Receptionist: "Oh, well that must be a mistake. Look, here in the computer it has you down on the 21st." (Cheerfuly smile)

Me: "But, um, I took like 3 hours off work to be here and I dont' really want to do that again (considering how much time off I'm taking already for IVF!). And I'm not driving back to work in the hurricaine force winds and rain now that I'm already in the town where I live."

Receptionist: "I'm sorry, but it's scheduled for next week."

Me, loudly to husband across waiting room: "Well, they made a mistake and scheduled our class wrong, so I guess we should go." (I'm not normally like that, I swear)

Other couple in waiting room: "What? We're here for the egg class too! It's on our schedule too!"

Receptionist: "Um ..."

My new IVF coordinator passing by: "I'll see if the embryologist is available to do a special class just for you! Sorry, but the coordinator who just left must have screwed up everyone's schedules ..." (LIE! My old coordinator scheduled me for the 21st. The new one rescheduled everything when she moved me up a week - guess she wasn't supposed to reschedule the class. Nice try blaming it on the person who doesn't work there anymore).

So we did the class. It was irritating. It was interesting. It was partly a big waste of time and partly useful. They presented all their data on their success rates and explained away any year or category that was low (there was a poor egg donor; and btw, our PGD outcomes are 100% when you only look at those who are choosing the gender versus those with actual infertility). They explained the entire embryology process in excruciating detail (far more than we needed to know), I suspect to make us feel like the thousands of dollars we spent was paying for something. And to make us feel totally safe that they will not mix up our eggs, sperm, or embryos.

All of this after asking us to change our IVF schedule with less than 24 hours warning, AND the coordinator ordering me a brand of HCG that I specifically requested she NOT order.

It all worked out in the end (except I guess I'm taking some HCG that I didn't want (this brand gives me a welt, none of the others did)). It just makes me a little nervous for the upcoming two or three weeks. starts today! CD 1 is here!!!!!!


  1. Ugh, sorry to hear about all of the clinic incompetence. It's enough to remember what to do when everything is going smoothly; a whole other matter when you're having to do your clinic's job too!

    Congrats on CD1! May your follicles grow quickly (but not too quickly) and multiply!!

  2. Yay for your stims! You are officially CD1! Good luck! Hope there is no more boo boo with the scheduling!

  3. Congrats on making it to CD 1! I imagine it must be frustrating to feel they don't have everything in place.

  4. Man, I would have been pissed off. It sounds like it turned out as well as can be expected, so that's a good thing. Good luck with the stims and growing many healthy eggs!

  5. What a mess!

    Well, hopefully they got all of their mistakes and missteps out in the beginning of the cycle and the rest is smooth sailing!

  6. OMG, I would have flipped out!! But yay for CD1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of healthy eggs!

  7. Oh, that would have irritated me to no end. Oh, wait, the same thing happened to me at my last doctors appointment...only they acted as if it were MY fault.

    I am so so so excited things are getting going for you. Cheering you on all the way!!!

  8. that so sucks about the the "confusion" right, confusion....but glad you got the class and even more glad that it is CD1! yay!

  9. Ya for CD1.. sending positive thoughts for a great upcoming cycle!

  10. Quite a start to your IVF cycle! I have to say that I haven't hear of an egg class, but I'm sure it was interesting. My clinic didn't do anything like this.

  11. Good for you for actually saying something that kicked them into gear. You are paying them a lot of money. The least they could do would be to update your schedule for you. That's why they give you a calendar in the first place! Regardless, I have a big YAY for you for Day 1!

  12. How frustrating! I hope the rest of your cycle goes smoothly. :-)


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