Monday, October 26, 2009

IUI #4, here we come

I'm sorry, I'm so far behind on commenting. I appreciate all the comments recently and will be catching up with all of your blogs this week. Things have been stressful.

Also, something (either the Lu.pron, the Fol.lis.tim, or something else that I haven't figured out) has been giving me major headaches, which isn't fun.

I think my heart is already not in this cycle anymore. I forgot my Lu.pron injection this morning, the last one of this cycle. I took it an hour late, and called the clinic in a panic. They said that since I don't have that many follicles, there's not much danger that I will ovulate. Gee, thanks!

We went in yesterday morning for our ultrasound, and everyone was annoyingly cheerful and telling us that this is great that we learned so much about how I stimulate and people actually try to have an IUI cycle just like this and they just had a patient last month who got pregnant in exactly this situation.

I just wanted to say "STOP SMILING!" And stop acting like this is no big deal. To you, it's not a big deal. You are still getting your $1000 and the pharmacy got their $2500, and now I'm going to have to do it all over again. And in the meantime, we lost 2-3 months for this cycle, and I can't cycle again until January because I will be gone for Christmas, so that's not only at least 6 months wasted for a badly managed IVF cycle, but thousands of dollars, and days of headaches and something like 35-40 injections. But no big deal, right?!

Anyway. Still had 5 big follicles, plus a few smaller ones. IUI is on Wednesday. No progesterone this time, so after tonight, no medication at all for the rest of the cycle. HPT on Veteran's Day, November 11. At least I have the day off to cry in bed if I get a BFN.


  1. I am guessing the headaches came from the lupron, but I've never taken follistim so I don't know. Hope the IUI goes well...5 follicles is awesome!

  2. Not giving up yet...Fingers crossed for a BFP on Vereran's Day! So sorry for the annoying smiley people, thouigh. Sometimes people's "trying to help" is definitely less than helpful! :-(


  3. I agree. 5 big follicles is not a bad thing. Maybe not the result you were hoping for, but not necessarily a total loss. Hang in there and good luck with the IUI.

  4. i got wicked headaches from lupron too!

    i know you are disappointed and not feeling hopeful. i am out here feeling hope for you. i hope that this all works out. sending lots of good ju ju your way :)

  5. Not giving up for you yet. Lots of hugs.

  6. I'm still holding out hope for this cycle. I'm sorry that it's been so hard.

  7. I'm sorry this isn't turning out the way you had hoped :(.

    I agree - all the smiley stuff is too much to handle sometimes when all you want to hear is "I'm so sorry this sucks so bad, but we'll do everything we can to make the best of it for you". Is that so hard to say?

    I really do hope this ends up working out for you! Hang in there :).

  8. Lupron gives me evil evil headaches! I don't blame you for hating the cheeriness. I'm hoping this IUI is a happy surprise. Yay, no more shots!


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