Monday, February 2, 2009

Big, huge, ginormous sigh of relief

I had an awesome appointment at the IF clinic this morning. The Clomid did its job, I guess. We saw two nicely sized follicles (too big maybe? 22-23mm) plus one that was borderline – just under the threshold for maturity (~14mm). So, 2-3 possibilities there. Yay! We’re both really excited.

We also got instructed on how to do the HCG shot. They’re NOT intramuscular. Praise God. I don’t know why they include those instructions that freaked me out. They let us practice with real syringes, and I feel pretty comfortable. I’m not sure yet if I’ll do it myself or if Loris will do it, I guess we’ll see how I feel when the time comes. The time, by the way, will come at 11pm tonight.

THEN I have to do two more injections, one on Thursday and one on Sunday. I hope those will be a piece of cake after this first one. They said I’m doing two more to boost my hormone levels.

The IUI is scheduled for Wednesday at 11am. I’m so ready for this. I’m so excited.

I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but I have a question for you. If you’re going through IUI or IVF, or have done so in the past, has your husband or partner come to all of your appointments with you? They’re starting to add up to a lot of missed work.

Or if you haven’t done those treatments yet, but are planning to, will your husband or partner come to all of the appointments with you?

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