Monday, February 9, 2009


Only three days until I leave for Italy, wheeeee! The next few days should be quite busy - tonight we visit with friends before we leave, Tuesday I do our last load of laundry, Wednesday we pack. Thursday I sleep in!!!!! We leave for the airport probably around noon on Thursday. Yay!

Which means we land in France Friday afternoon (early Friday morning here) and arrive in Italy Friday evening (still Friday morning here).

So that means right now I have about 9 days left in the 2ww, and when we arrive it will be about 5 days left. Five days full of delicious Italian food and fantastic Italian skiing.

I am determined to put off taking a HPT until Wednesday, February 18, which is both exactly 2 weeks after the IUI and 10 days after my last HCG shot, which is the minimum amount of time for both of those factors. I definitely need to wait for the HCG to clear my system so I don't get a false positive. All of this assuming that AF doesn't come before then, of course.

I did my last HCG shot yesterday (or rather my hubby did). It was supposed to be .5 cc, but we only had about .3 ccs left, probably not even that. Super easy, I'm not worried about having to do this again at all.

I also bought some HPTs - two different kinds, although they're both digital and actually say "pregnant" or, more likely, "not pregnant" rather than doing the two-pink-line thing.

It would be nice to NOT have to buy them before I miss my period (which is my usual modus operandi, which is why I've almost never bought a HPT before) and help avoid getting my hopes up, but my hubby's town in Italy is teensy tiny and there would be no way to buy one there and keep hush hush about it. If they even sell them there. Because really, in a town of 500 people, what girl would buy a pregnancy test at the local pharmacy?

Not to mention, I'd rather have the instructions and everything in my native language

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