Monday, February 16, 2009

12dpiui #1

I'm in Italy, and things are really good from every viewpoint except the infertility one. The weather here is extremely cold, but sunny and beautiful. It's really nice to see friends and family here, and my Italian has improved a lot, as it does every visit. I've already spent a day cross-country skiing, and the landscape is absolutely gorgeous under all this snow.

Actually, one thing besides infertility that is not going so well is sleep. I'm terribly jet-lagged, and last night finally managed to get a full 9 hours of sleep, although I had a break from 2am to 5am in which I could not sleep. It sort of reminds me of infertility (maybe tonight it will happen!).

As far as infertility goes - I have had very mild, period-like cramps for days. It's hard to say what it's related to, because I've been terribly dehydrated and jet-lagged, and not feeling top-notch in general, so it could be anything. Last night I had the tiniest amount of spotting. My boobs have been sore for days now. The mixed messages are killing me. But because of the spotting, I'm pretty much expecting AF in the next day or two, although I'm sure the hope won't completely die until it happens, and then it'll hit me hard.

Although in some ways it will be nice, b/c then at least I can drink all the lovely Italian wine that is offered to me.

I'm sorely tempted to take a pg test, but it's only been 8 days since my last HCG injection. If I get a negative it could be b/c it's too early, and if I get a positive, it could be b/c I still have HCG in my system. I know I should just wait it out a few more days, but man! I want to know RIGHT NOW!

Infertility sure brings out the best in me. Instead of actually having children, I start acting like one.

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  1. I hope you get some good news in a couple of days. :-)


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