Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big day - IUI #1

Today's the big day. I'm so ready. I'm MORE than ready.

As a special gift, I logged on to Facebook this morning (b/c I'm "working" from home before the appointment) and saw that my friend from college, who already has beautiful identical twin 3-year-olds, is expecting his third baby with his beautiful wife.

I never thought I would be the crazy jealous infertile type, but I felt, seriously, like I had been kicked in the stomach. Normally I can muster up some happiness for my newly pregnant friends, and recognize that my bitterness is not aimed at the person but rather at the universe, but not today. Today I am bitter not only at the universe but at every. single. person. in it. Except other infertile people, of course.

I'm getting over it, and trying to get excited for my IUI, which is only 2.5 hours away. I'll update later on how that goes.

Update: The IUI went really well!

We went there around 11, but apparently they weren’t done washing L’s sperm yet, so we had to wait almost a half hour. Then they called us back and let me get ready. They brought in a little test-tube with some pink liquid in it and showed us that it was labeled with our names and then went over a few of the results of the SA that they had done. It was great – 120 million before wash, 35 million after, which is I guess fantastic.

After that, they showed me how they drew up the spermies into the catheter and talked us through it while they injected it. Other than the usual discomfort of the speculum, I didn’t feel anything.

Then they spoke with us briefly about our chances (15-20%) and told me to take the extra HCG shots tomorrow and Sunday to trigger my body to keep producing progesterone. Since I usually have spotting before AF, both the Clomid and the HCG should help with that.

And that’s it. I’m officially in the 2ww. I’ll be doing an HPT in Italy around February 18, give or take a few days, and I won’t have much to do infertility-wise until then.

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