Monday, May 4, 2009

8 dpo, 6 days to go

Can I just say that Mondays suck? Not for any particular reason, just because I am here at work and not at home or doing something fun.

I had an amazing weekend! I had a great time at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, can I say that this place ROCKS?! We got there around 10:15, 45 minutes after they opened, and spent the entire day there, to the point where we had to rush through some things. We probably spent too much time in the huge swamp/aquarium section, which had a coral reef, all kinds of weird creatures, and a white alligator(!). Then we checked out the photos of our universe taken from telescopes and satellites - they were amazing! But again, too much time. Next, on to the living roof (in the sprinkling rain) to see the skylights, California native wildflowers, and bees that were buzzing around the flowers. It was beautiful. Lunch was quick and delicious. Then a section on climate change in California that we both enjoyed, but I thought could have been more informative.

After that, there is an exhibit on evolution with specimens and information about the Galapagos Islands. Then on to the African Hall to see stuffed animals in beautiful re-created and painted scenery. After that, a half-hour planetarium show which really put the size of our existence into perspective and also explained more about the search for life on other planets. Then we had to rush through the rainforest exhibit, a four-story humid dome inside the museum filled with birds and butterflies, and a variety of rainforest animals. Finally, we barely made it on time to the 3D movie about insects in Borneo. Wow - what a busy day!

A night on the town followed (great Italian food, and since my husband is Italian and he always talks to the waiters in Italian and makes friends with them, we got FREE beverages and tiramisu), but unfortunately the concert I wanted to see was sold out, which was disappointing. Sunday morning we did a quick trip to the Ferry Building, where we bought some seafood, cheese, heirloom tomatoes, and arisan bread before heading home. I got the last energy out of my system by scrubbing the house from top to bottom before we made a feast with the amazing (expensive) food from the Ferry Building.

Last night a sore throat developed, which is worrying me a bit. I'm not freaked out about swine flu like so many people are. It would suck to get it, but mostly because it would just suck to BE sick. I rarely get sick, and while I'd like a few days off of work, this isn't the best time to be sick, I'm guessing. I'm just going to keep crossing my fingers and hoping.

Now that the diversions of the weekend are over, I'm taking up my plodding, unwilling pace through the two-week-wait again. I'm actually planning to test on Saturday with an ultra-sensitive expensive test because otherwise Saturday will drag by, and if I get the bad news on Sunday, well, that would suck. Especially because, on top of it being Mother's Day, we always go visit my dad's grave that day - it's right between his birthday and the day he died. I don't need my BFN on the same day as the cemetary AND Mother's Day, thank you very much.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and that for those of you in the 2ww, time is flying by.


  1. Sending you lots of good wishes this week - hopefully it flies by. And hopefully there will be a great Mother's Day at the end of it. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend! I love places like that, so much to do and see. Sorry about your sore throat, UHG that's no fun. I'm hoping, wishing and have all things crossed for you. Sorry about your farther, I hope you have a peaceful time visiting him.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

    I can say, that I too, LOVE the ferry building in SF. ACME Bread and Cow Girls Creamery is a great way to spend a lunch.

    Mr. Shelby

  4. Glad you enjoyed the Academy -- we had a great day there when it first opened, and are really looking forward to going back. It was so crowded that we weren't able to go into the dome.

    I hope the week flies by!

  5. Sounds like a great place. I think I may have to plan my next trip there.


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