Tuesday, October 27, 2015

39 weeks

Well, here it is, 39 weeks.  Really full term by any standard.  I'm pretty ready to go.  My back hurts, my hips hurt, and I've been having sciatica pain.  I'm sleeping well some nights, but not others, even with some help from benadryl.  I'm just ready.

Our au pair arrived on Thursday evening.  I'm not thrilled with her.  She's young, and like many (most?) people her age, she's completely addicted to her phone.  She's constantly staring at it, even while walking around.  It's one of the most irritating things I've had to be around in a while.  I already can't stand the sound of whatever message program she's using.  I'm trying to cut her some slack because she's young and alone and in a foreign country, but we speak her language and she's here to do a job, which she is not really jumping into that eagerly since she's ALWAYS. ON. HER. PHONE.

It's awkward because I mostly wanted her to just hang around for the first few days and learn our routine, since I am still here and there is no baby and it seems easier for the kids as well to just have her sort of shadow me.  But unless I specifically ask her to do anything, she disappears into her room with her phone.  Tadpole likes her, but Turtle most definitely does not.

Speaking of Turtle, lately he's been cranky and difficult and clingy.  I think he knows the baby is coming and my attention is not focused completely on him and Tadpole, and he doesn't like it.  My uneasiness over the au pair and her lack of genuine excitement to be helping out around here doesn't help at all, either.

Anyway.  I'm just concerned about the situation and having this somewhat vapid, shallow person living with us for a whole year.  It feels like a really long time right now for a situation that doesn't feel ideal at all.

Pregnancy-wise, I've been waking up with cramping feelings, but they go away.  No real contractions.  Nothing else going on.  I keep thinking it's a sign of the beginning of labor, but then nothing.  Kind of disappointing.  I am having back pain, too, but still hard to know if it's anything at all.  Man.  I don't want to deliver on Halloween, but other than that, I'm ready to go at any time.  Come on baby!  Let's go!

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