Thursday, October 29, 2015

39 weeks 2 days

That last post was kind of negative, sorry about that.  I was pretty stressed out.  It's a beautiful Thursday morning, we had some honest-to-goodness fall weather yesterday morning, although it cleared up and got sunny and warm again in the afternoon.  Our au pair is settling in.  Her phone habits still drive me up the wall, which again, I know is very much a product of her generation.  I don't think I realized how bad the younger generations are with their technology.  It scares me a bit for the future.

We went out on a date last night, I'm guessing possibly our last for a while.  We went out for some yummy Japanese food, and wandered by the independent theater to realize that the mountain movie Meru was playing in 10 minutes.  So I got coffee and ice cream and my husband got a tea, and we settled in for a lovely 1.5 hour film about mountain climbing.  It was almost like old days.  I had some random contractions/cramping throughout the movie, but it seems to have calmed down now.  I thought I might have been starting to just go into very early labor, but alas, it doesn't seem like it.

At this point, I'd like to hang on until Sunday.  It's not crucial, of course, but today my kids have violin lessons and I have my last group prenatal appointment, plus a meeting with our local au pair coordinator which absolutely has to get done at some point, and soon.  Tomorrow my kids' school is having a parade, which I'm hoping to go to, but I'm not telling them I'm going just in case I go into labor.  Also, Tadpole has her last soccer practice.  Saturday they both have their last soccer games, and it's Halloween and we're invited to a Halloween party.  Starting Sunday, we have just about nothing on the calendar - at least nothing that the au pair can't handle with some help from my friends and my sister.  Other than driving, she's been through most of our routine and as long as I leave detailed instructions and maps, I'm pretty confident she can make things happen.  The kids are warming up to her as well.  And really, all that truly matters is that they get to school and back, and get fed.

So, it's just a waiting game at this point, and doing some last-minute preparations, and trying to catch up and keep up on housework while I'm waiting.  And paperwork.

And now it's time to get the family up and start our busy day.

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  1. Glad you and your husband got to have a date night! As you say, probably your last for a while.

    Years ago, a dear friend of mine was due near Halloween and wanted to deliver on any day BUT Halloween. Of course, she had the baby (now nearly age 24) on October 31st. Here's hoping your little one decides to hold out until at least November 1st.


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