Friday, October 16, 2015


My midwife appointment yesterday was cancelled, so I had an OB appointment today with a new doctor at our local hospital.  I really liked her.  I guess baby was a bit sideways, so her measurement for fundal height was on the low side and I got a really nice bonus ultrasound.  She was worried he -might be sideways, but he was nice and head-down as expected (whew!).  His head was measuring slightly ahead, his abdomen right on schedule, and his femur pretty behind, which put his overall estimated weight at 5.7 pounds, or 22nd percentile and a bit small for his gestational age, but the doctor said that was fine and the measurements are notoriously off this late in the pregnancy.

So!  I was nervous about Group B Strep, but she didn't seem to be concerned at all.  She said that I don't need to be hooked up to an IV, they would put in a saline lock and hook it up for an antibiotic dose every 4 hours, but otherwise I wouldn't need to be hooked up to anything.  Another sigh of relief.  And otherwise it wouldn't affect the VBAC at all.  I have gained a LOT of weight, though - I'm ready to stop that nonsense soon.

I've been accomplishing quite a bit, although still not as much as I would have hoped at this point.  I still have an insanely long to-do list.  I did get the stroller fixed, though - I bought a used older-model Babytrend jogging stroller, and the wheel wobbled terribly, but I found some fixes online and it seems to work now.  I've sold our old crappy bike and bought a new one for our au pair that I'm not super happy with, but it will do if I can't find anything else.  I've got some of the baby stuff set up.  I started packing the hospital bag.  I'm getting the guest room cleared out, and got new sheets, just have to make the bed (I don't want the au pair using our nice guest sheets every day for a year, so I got some everyday ones instead).  I finished all the applique on the Christmas stocking for No-Longer-Nameless baby, and I have very little left to do to finish it, then I will pack up all my sewing stuff.  I set up a bedrail in Turtle's bed against the wall side, with pillows squished between the rail and the wall to keep him from banging against the wall during the night, which startles me like crazy but somehow doesn't wake him up.

I have a few small wood-working projects to finish up and clean up the patio, but they're really almost done.  I bought a baby gate to keep our cat in the farther part of the garage overnight so she doesn't keep the au pair up all night, but there is one spot she can squeeze through, so I am going to cut down a board to size and attach it to keep her in there.  The last semi-major project I have is to install some hooks on the wall of our garage to hang the bikes we're not currently using, like Turtle's old bikes and the next size up for both kids that I got for free, not realizing they would be too big.  I even worked on a bit of paperwork/filing, but that's going to be a huge ongoing project.

We're also trying to buy a new/used car - a plug-in hybrid that will allow my husband to use the HOV lane when he commutes.  Since he often gets stuck in major traffic, and our old car needs some major but non-essential repair (the AC), it's a good time for us to switch cars.  Unfortunately, we're having a hard time finding something that works for us - we can't claim the federal tax credit because of our current financial circumstances, and I can't find a used car that would meet our requirements.  Well, I'm really trying to avoid the bureaucracy of getting our own HOV lane sticker, and last week there were plenty of used cars online that already had stickers - now I can't find any.  We decided to wait a few more days and keep looking.

In the meantime, we're almost done with most of the crazy activities we signed up for this fall.  The kids' swimming ended this week, last swim meet is tomorrow, which we may not attend.  We're probably going to continue with lessons once a week through the winter, which is much more doable.  Soccer ends in two short weeks, right around my due date.  So then we'll only have violin and once-a-week swimming, which is a huge relief.  We can handle that.

And that's life.  Waiting and wondering when this little guy will make an appearance, and trying to get all sorts of stuff done until he does.

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