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Thursday, October 22, 2015

38w2d - 12 days to go

I'm sleeping so badly, I'm so tired!  At least I feel more prepared for the sleepless nights that are going to start sometime in the next two weeks.

I feel like I have a ton to do, and not much to do, all at the same time.  Pregnancy is so weird like that.  LIFE is so weird like that.  Mostly, I don't want to do the things that I should be doing, which is probably contributing to the problem.

Yesterday turned out to be just about a crazy as I expected.  The field trip was really fun - I drove out there and waited with the other parents for the school bus to arrive.  My kids had a great time, although I was in charge of 4 kids total and also just had to keep an eye on various things in general (i.e. making sure kids didn't let animals out of their pens), so I couldn't always help them or pay attention to just them, which was a bit disappointing.  I also had to run just as it was time for my kids to pick out pumpkins and Turtle's choice seems like it might be already rotting, so we might take a trip back there this weekend to make sure we actually get to do all the things they missed and maybe get another pumpkin or two.

Our au pair arrives tonight.  Yikes!  I think I'm almost ready, except for a small plumbing problem.  The faucet in the guest bath was leaking, and the plumber is having a hard time finding the right valve.  He came this morning assuming he had found it, but turns out that wasn't it, and now it's looking like we might not have a working sink for the au pair, at least for tonight.  Tomorrow is insanely busy, too, so I don't know if I can make another appointment.  Hopefully I don't go into labor before I can get all this straightened out.

After the crazy day yesterday, today is much calmer - sort of.  Plumber this morning, lunch, school, I just went grocery shopping and have a bunch of loose ends to tie up, pick up kids, flu shot clinic, Target for a reward for the flu shot, home to hopefully practice violin and take a bath, early dinner, then airport for au pair.  Not that much calmer, I guess.  Tomorrow's nuts, too - violin lesson in the morning, a short break until lunch, school, errands with the au pair to get her settled in, pick up from school, meet friends to ride the double-decker bus to campus, ride the bus home, Tadpole's soccer practice, get home in time to meet old friends who want to buy our old car, and then probably dinner with local friends.  There will basically be no free time AT ALL.  Luckily, the weekend is almost empty except for soccer games, but they're only 30 minutes and they're simultaneous, so we can finish our au pair errands and have some fun.  That's when we'll go back to the pumpkin patch and probably do some pumpkin carving.

So.  Life is crazy.  I'm looking forward to it settling down soon.  HAHA, what am I talking about, then I'm having a BABY!  But that's a beautiful, wonderful thing, and with the au pair to help, and my husband planning to be around more for a little while, I'm really excited about trying breastfeeding again, expanding our family, and really enjoying this phase of our lives.  I am very excited for the holidays this year.

Just to end, I'm going to leave you with a shot of the Christmas stockings I've made.  I still have to hand-sew the edging on Gecko's stocking, but I figure I'll do that once the baby is home and I'll be spending less time running around and more time hanging out.  I don't know how to rotate the stupid thing, but Turtle's stocking is on top (or left), Tadpole's is in the middle, and Gecko's new stocking is on the bottom (or right).  And they're on top of the new coffee table.

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  1. Cool stockings! Hope all goes well with your au pair's arrival. :-)


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