Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rambling 12-week post

It's another beautiful day in the Alps. I'm 12 weeks today, which I find almost impossible to believe. How in he world did we get here? It's been three weeks since I've seen the babies, and as the time passes, I get a little more nervous. I will be so relieved to see them at the ultrasound next Tuesday.

Italy has been nice. I eat a lot. The custom here is to eat a small breakfast, a pretty big lunch, and a decent dinner (unless we go out or to a friend's, which is usually the case, and dinner can be many, many courses), with no snacking in between, but I find I am hungry all the time. I keep some cheese in the fridge and a loaf of bread from the panetteria on the counter so I can snack whenever I feel like it, but when I'm starving 30 minutes before a delicious home-made meal, I have a hard time knowing what to do. I know, I know, the world has much bigger problems than my deciding what and when I should eat.

One of the funny things about Italy is that everyone has their own ideas about what a pregnant woman should and should not do, and it's very different than what I expected. For example, they are all completely shocked that I am not drinking (and in fact I really miss my nebbiolo). Some even tell me that beer and wine will help me make milk. Yet, they're horrified when I pet a cat because of toxiplasmosis, and they can't believe I am cross-country skiing, which I am nervous about only because of my knee surgery. It's interesting to see the way different cultures react to pregnancy.

In the meantime, I'm starting to grow a little belly. The average person on the street would not guess that I am pregnant, but my husband and I are beginning to see the changes. Actually, I just sort of look a bit rounder than usual. Since I tend to exercise and stay in decent shape, it is probably more obvious to me because my stomach isn't as flat anymore, even if it doesn't look like a real bump yet. I can tell my attitude towards my body is going to need some adjusting, which is something I will probably have to work at. Luckily, my husband is the most supportive guy in the world and always makes me feel beautiful, so I know I will have some back-up.

I apparently have not gained any weight, according to my in-laws' scale, which gave me an amount in kilos that I converted into pounds. I am nervous about gaining too much weight, but now I'm worried that I'm not gaining enough - shouldn't I have gained at least a few pounds in the first trimester, with twins? Oy. I'm hoping I can find a delicate balance between gaining enough for the babies (obviously priority #1) and not gaining so much that it will be hard to recover after the birth.

I've also started looking into things we'll eventually need to buy, and I am overwhelmed. I like to think I buy less stuff than average, and my husband is pretty anti-consumerism, but it is awfully hard for people without a clue to figure out what we really need and what is just extra fluff. The obvious stuff is at least obvious - crib, carseats, basic clothing, and diapers - but then there is a TON of other stuff, and then there are tons of variations on all that stuff. I'm hoping maybe the childbirth class I take will help? How do people figure this out?

Only a few more days here in Italy, then I'll be home before I know it. Back to work, unfortunately, but also ready for my week 13 NT scan. Woohoo! Can't wait to see the babies!


  1. That sounds amazing! What a difference in perception of the dos and don'ts of pregnancy! As far as the shopping, you need to get a friend who has been through this to help you make a list. One of my friends tells me that the amount of crap you think you need to buy is a lot less than what is actually practical. I can't wait to hear about the babies!

  2. Happy 12 weeks!

    I agree. The baby stuff is very overwhelming. Two of everything, gah!!!

    You should post about what you get, because I need ideas. :)

  3. I only gained a net of 2 lbs in the entire first trimester with my twins. I was plagued with horrible m/s, though, and I'd actually lost some weight at first. I think that as long as you eat when you're hungry (even if it's every 30 mins), you'll be fine.

    I loved reading about the cultural differences!

  4. I just bought a GREAT book called 'Baby Bargains'...ordered it off Amazon. It's chock full of information about what you need/don't need plus safety ratings and all that. Get it!

    Won't get to be in Italy for any of the pregnancy....but kind of glad about it. Sometimes people getting all up in my business just bothers me!

    Get home safely!

  5. Wow, 12 weeks already. Hope the last part of your trip is good and that you trip home is ok too.

  6. Congrats on 12 weeks! I wouldn't worry too much about the weight gain. You're obviously a very active person (hello, cross country skiing while pregnant!), and everyone's bodies are different. I'm sure when the twins need you to start packing on the weight, it'll happen!

  7. I actually started making a probably completely unrealistic wish list at, which allows you to add products from different websites to one list. it's helpful but overwhelming. the acquisition aspect is worrisome, yet I'm not sure I'll have the energy to go too far and wide to consignment shops. happy second trimester! gain that weight!!

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  9. Congrats on the twins!! Mine will turn 4 months old on Friday (after an FET a year ago). It is truly amazing!


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