Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to life, back to reality

I wrote this on Monday, but for some reason didn't post it. Will catch up to date this weekend. Just a note - NT scan went well.

I’m back in the US, and things are rough. I had terrible morning sickness the last 3-4 days in Italy, and it snowed pretty much non-stop the whole time. After several days of vomiting, we had a 24-hour trip to get home. Here is a brief overview of the trip:

5am – get up and vomit
5:15 – start driving to airport in the snow
8:30 – arrive at airport and discover that our flights are not cancelled (yay!)
9am – vomit again at airport
11am – board plane and fly to London
12:30 – land in London, go through security, eat a little, hang out
2pm – go through extra security since we’re flying to the US
3:30 – plane finally leaves an hour late

Next ten hours – UGH – airplane food, turbulence, seat-kicker behind me, nausea – luckily no vomiting

6:30pm – (now on Pacific time) – arrive in US, go through immigration, get bags, go through customs, get shuttle, get car
8pm – finally arrive home and turn on heat (note – this is 5am Italian time – exactly 24 hours)
8:15pm – vomit and nosebleed
8:18pm – wonder why the heat hasn’t turned on – hey – the heater’s broken! Luckily it’s not THAT cold in the apartment, must have just broken recently
9pm – eat a can of tuna with mayo (thanks darling husband) and go to bed
4am – wake up squashed between husband and cat – very cute, but I’m very tired

Now I am at work preparing a presentation that I have to give TOMORROW

So here I am, almost 13 weeks, and the morning sickness is getting much worse. Is this normal?

Tomorrow is my NT scan, so I will write a brief update on how it went. I’m starting to get nervous that something could be wrong.


  1. Ugh, the worst part of a vacation - the flight home! I'm glad you made home safely. Hang in there!

  2. sorry about the vomitting, it will pass soon... but it prob will be replaced by peeing... i mean i am in the bathroom so often that i use it as a short story time for me and my baby - lol

  3. Hi-thanks for stopping by. I'm glad I have someone who gets it, but then again not so glad, as it means there's others who are going through it. I guess it's similar to IF in that respect.

    Sorry your morning sickness is so bad! While I only vomited a handful of times during my pregnancy, I was plagued by constant nausea (to the point where I longed to vomit to relieve it). I don't think it's so strange that it is getting worse right now as I had it until I was 18 or so weeks (yeah, no such luck with it stopping at the magical second trimester mark) and if anything I have heard that it means good things are happening!

    Best of luck at your NT scan. Enjoy seeing your little skeletors! (that's what they look like at that stage, but still cute to me!)

  4. Sorry you had a rough time. I wouldn't be too worried about being sick at 13 weeks. That is still within the blech zone. Hoping you get caught up and get lots of rest very soon. Welcome home!


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