Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 weeks

Like every week, I can’t believe where I am. I cannot believe I am three and a half months pregnant. Life is changing on an almost daily basis for me, and I am really excited even while I am missing some of my favorite things (like sushi!) in the meantime.

I have a definite belly bump now, although someone could still easily think I am just a bit overweight and carrying the extra in my belly. I think I have gained about 5 pounds. I still have some queasiness, but no more vomiting so far. My second cold of the season has faded to almost nothing and I’m crossing my fingers that I stay healthy now. A beautiful day of sunshine after two weeks of rain is doing a lot to improve my mood, too.

On the life front, things are mostly good. We’re looking at houses, and may have found one to make an offer on. It is next door to a park, but an inspection of go.ogl.e maps shows that part of the park, the part that shares a fence with the house, is parceled into a nice neat rectangle, and we’re wondering why. It would suck to buy a house on a park only to have an electric station or some other ugly thing go in next door. Otherwise, though, the house is beautiful and perfect for kids – 4 bedrooms and a huge loft, beautiful kitchen and living areas, plus a really nice yard. It’s ridiculously expensive, but we’re lucky that we can manage it. We could manage in our 2-bedroom apartment for a while, but it’s not very realistic – especially with no space to keep a stroller or anything else baby-related.

We’re looking at other purchases, although we won’t be actually buying anything for at least several months still. We’re guessing we’ll need a second car (in bike-friendly Davis, we’ve managed just fine sharing a car up until now), but I still want to get a jogging stroller that converts to a bike trailer for some of our jaunts downtown. Once we figure out where we’ll be living, we’ll have to start thinking about baby furniture, too. I haven’t thought much father than that, though – I don’t want to even think of buying any baby stuff until 20 weeks, and preferably not until after 24.

In two more weeks, we have an ultrasound at the OB. They don’t have a great machine, but I’m really hoping we can find out the genders. Then we can finally start having some real discussions about names and other plans. I’m very, very excited.

And tomorrow I leave for a four-day work conference, and I'll hopefully find out why I haven't been promoted yet, and if I ever will be. And if not - well, February just might be my last month at work.


  1. Super exciting!!! I hope the house works out - that would make for a perfect nesting spot :) Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Good luck with your work conference!

    Congrats on 15 wks!!! I hope the house hunt continues to go well :).

  3. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. I hope everything goes well with the house. It sounds great!

  4. yay for 15 weeks and it sounds like lot of exciting changes for you on the horizon.

    I'm in a similar situation at work- had my annual review recently and got a great review but they wouldn't commit to a promotion. And yet being pregnant I don't think it's a good time to change jobs... it's a bit of a dilemma!! I think I will just stay for the next 6 months, go on maternity and not go back.

  5. i'm so glad to read this! i'll be hoping everything works out well with the house. it sounds great!

  6. planning is really fun! my ob recommended that i get all of my hard-core physically intense baby shopping out of the way by 25 weeks. so we're Ikea bound at 22 weeks...i'm really excited that the child section actually applies to us!

  7. luckily, a lot of pre-planned shopping and looking online even not knowing what your house will look did people plan for babies before the internet anyway? :)

  8. Glad to hear that everything is going well. Good luck on the house, hope the inspecting looks good and you find something that makes you really happy. I'd stay at the job if you have maternity leave benefits. In many jobs aren't eligible for maternity leave until you have worked there a minimum amount of time.

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  10. Congrats on your pregnancy :). I just stumbled upon your blog but love hearing stories like this! 2 blessings, how exciting!

    I know what you mean about it being a tight squeeze living in an apartment. We're living in a one bedroom while my husband finishes grad school and we're "creatively" trying to make it work (lol) but it is very tough! Good luck to you and the new home hunting!


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