Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 weeks, packing, and weird pain

I'm starting to think I'm a hypochondriac, but after two years of infertility, I am so nervous about every little thing. I'm 9 weeks today. Which, yay! But ...

I am having this weird pain in my lower abdomen on the left side. It's very low, and not very far left, i.e. nowhere near my hip. It is like a pulse of pain, that goes away in less than a second, and recurs at completely random intervals. The only thing I can think of is that it could be related to the big cyst on my left ovary. I've had for over 24 hours now. Any ideas what it could be?

I called the doctor's office and the nurse called me back, and said the doctor would call, but that was hours ago. The pain is not very strong, I don't need a painkiller or anything, and I wouldn't be terribly worried except that I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow night and I will be traveling for 20 hours and it would be nice to know that everything's ok.

In the meantime, I am having sleep problems, I'm not drinking enough water, I'm not feeling well, and it's my poor husband's birthday. I haven't done anything special for him - but hey, I'm gestating his children. I think that's a pretty good gift.

I'm almost done packing, and hopefully we'll have dinner soon and maybe I can get to bed early. I'm hoping that whatever this pain is, it stops soon.


  1. I'm thinking it might be round ligament pain - I googled it, and it sounds pretty common and nothing to worry about. Hopefully the doctor will call back, though.

    Have a fantastic trip!!

  2. Congrats on 9 weeks! I'm not sure what's happening with the pain, but I would definitely recommend upping your water intake if possible. Any slight dehydration can make you feel weird things anyway, even when not pregnant.
    There is a possibility the cyst on the ovary is the source of the pain, especially since the uterus is growing and things are probably moving around and pressing on it. Hopefully, you get to talk to the doctor today!

    Have a great flight and a great trip!

  3. I'm betting it's the cyst, too. I had one at the start of my pregnancy that hurt sometimes, too. My doctor's office said it would shrink as all of the hormones focus on the pregnancy and it did.

    Have a great trip!

  4. Do you ever wish that we could touch a spot on our body and it becomes transparent? Weird, I know but how EASY wold that make everything?!

    I hope your doctor calls you back. Happy birthday to your hubby! I think gestating his children is the BEST gift ever! Have fun in Italy!!

  5. I hope you got an answer to relieve your worry! Have a great great time in Italy! :)

  6. I hope the pain goes away soon. Have so much fun in Italy. Happy Holidays!!!

  7. I had this when I had my baby and was told it was perfectly normal it has to do with the placenta taking over from the yolk sac or something .. lol ... enjoy reading your blog

  8. Hope you heard back from your doctor. Keep well hydrated on your trip to Italy. I hope you have a great time. Take your hand sanitizer with you through the airport and busy places. Sending happy wishes and prayers to return home with everyone safe and sound.

  9. Dude, gestating one's children is definitely the BEST gift ever! Seriously, you should be off the hook for birthday gifts for at least like, 5 years. ;)

    I thought maybe round ligament pain at first, but since you have a cyst it's probably that. I have round ligament pain sometimes, when I sneeze or cough or when I get up too quickly. It's sharp and low (kinda stabbing), but it's over quickly.

    Hope it's nothing, and that you feel better, and that your trip is spectacular!

  10. I hope all is well. I actually had the same thing...also on the left. seemed like ligament issues when I googled it. but the pains have passed, luckily. now i have these stretching feelings on the front of my uterus. it is stretching after all, but feels stranger than the round ligament thing. hugs to you.


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