Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grey Saturday

It's a cold gray Saturday, and there's a 40% chance of rain.  I think we are all praying for it - we are having a terrible drought here in Northern California.  I have seem almost no rain at all since I got back from Italy just under 11 months ago.  It's unfortunate that we thought of taking the kids to the warm water pool at my gym today for some swim practice, but we can skip that, no problem, if we get some rain.  Oh, please rain!  Maybe we should do a rain dance.

I love these gray rainy days, especially when you can stay home and play.  More or less in pajamas.  Although Tadpole woke up wet, so she had to change right away, and I'm in the middle of washing her sheets.  I feel like in the last year, there has been a major increase in laundry, sigh.  Today my husband is in San Francisco at some networking event, so we are just hanging out at home, praying for rain, playing with legos, and catching up on chores.

The other day the wild turkeys in the greenbelt jumped the fence and destroyed my vegetable garden.  I'm really upset about that.

Life is good.  I'm working hard these days, on work for my husband's company and on the house.  The housework is unbelievable and never-ending.  I am not really an organized person.  That is to say, I like an organized space, but I am often too lazy/tired to keep it that way, and just one slip usually leads to chaos around here, which requires an inordinate amount of work to reverse.  In the meantime, I haven't managed to apply for substitute teaching jobs because I need a letter of reference, and I haven't decided who to ask.  Not to mention that I will probably have to write the letter myself, and I'm not sure what to say, nor when I'll find time.  But I'm feeling hopeful.

In other news, my sister is getting married!  I'm so excited.  It's the first (and probably only) time I'll get to be in a wedding party.  Plus all the planning is so much fun.  It's going to be a lot of DIY since they have a very small budget and a very large number of people to invite, but I think it'll be a lot of fun.

In even more news, I can't seem to find a therapist.  Everyone is full or won't take my insurance, and it's so expensive without insurance.  I don't know what to do.  And I spend SO much time researching therapists, calling them and leaving messages, then waiting for a return call only to hear that they won't take me.  I am feeling really frustrated and helpless, which is sort of the opposite of what I hoped to get out of the whole therapy situation.  It's really insane, and I'm really unhappy about it.

With that being said, I still have mounds of chores to do, and the kids are making messes faster than I can clean them up.  I wish you good weather, whatever that means to you!

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