Monday, June 3, 2013

June is here, how beautiful! (and more preschool discussion)

I'm sitting outside Turtle's room while I write this, and he's asking me to leave the door open over and over and over again. It's already propped open about 6 inches, he's going to drive me nuts!!!!  Obviously, bedtime's not going that well these days.  Our bedtime routine usually involves either playing or watching some TV after dinner while eating fruit, brushing teeth, getting milk bottles and lovies, going into Turtle's room and lying down on his bed, and telling a story.  Then Papi stays with Turtle and I take Tadpole into her room while she finishes her milk and I usually sing her a song.  While we do that, Turtle first protests that he wants Mamma, then Papi tells him another story and maybe sings a song, and then he asks for Mamma.  Again.  And I end up sitting outside his room listening to him talk to himself or ask me to come fix his blanket (like 10 times) and to leave the door open wider.  I think now he's being quiet because he can hear me typing.  Sigh.

Other than that, our only other big problems these days are fighting and crazy tantrums.  Who said that the threes are worse than the twos?  I'm beginning to suspect they're right.  The tantrums are downright insane, and over the most ridiculous things.  It is also true that you cannot reason with a toddler.  They are little mad dictators.

Their third birthday is coming up in just over a month.  For their birthday, I bought the supplies for a sandbox, and we spent a day last weekend building it together with the kids' aunt and Papi.  It was a fun project.  Tadpole helped by swinging constantly in her swing, which honestly was a help because it kept her from being constantly underfoot.  The sandbox is a big success, at least for Turtle!  Tadpole likes to sit outside of it and play with the sand, but is less excited about climbing in.  Pictures will come this week, along with pics of my vegetable garden!

Speaking of the garden, it's doing wonderfully because of our relatively cool (i.e. not crazily hot) spring and a few spring showers that have kept the garden nice and moist.  I think we're ramping up for a good year for homegrown produce.  The weather has been so nice, and we just had our first really hot weekend, which was a great opportunity for having a few friends over for a pool party.  In fact, I'm still in my swimsuit from a nice jump in the pool earlier today.

The other thing I've been wanting to talk about is preschool.  While drop-off is still not fun, everything else seems to be going well.  The kids are basically eating all their lunch, are happy about preschool when I pick them up, and seem to be making some friends, or at least are able to communicate with their peers a bit better.  In fact, I made it a habit to stay and play with them for a bit after preschool, and Turtle then had a tantrum when I said it was time to leave last Thursday!  He wanted to stay at school.  With me there, of course, but still.  He also played independently with another little boy for a long time while I watched, so that was huge progress.

Which makes me think I should leave them at this school.  I don't think that it would be good, now that we finally are adjusting, to switch schools, even if I like the other school a bit better.  They school where they are now is totally fine, and I just don't think the problems caused by a switch would be worth it.  So I'm almost positive I'll be sticking with this school for the next two years, and I feel pretty ok with it.  I just don't know when and how to inform the Waldorf school that we won't be attending.  Sooner is better than later, I suppose.  I still feel a bit nervous about removing what is essentially our "safety net", though.

Well, Papi is home from his run, and I hope to not be sitting out here in a dark hallway for much longer.  Actually, I hope to be going to bed reasonably soon!!!  Good night!

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  1. Davie Ann won't go to sleep in her own bed, either. We lie down with her at bedtime 'til she falls asleep. She usually wakes up around 2 in the morning, though, and comes and crawls in bed with us. I know we need to be consistent about putting her back in her own bed, but sometimes the extra few minutes of sleep are worth it. :)


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