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Sunday, May 12, 2013


We had a nice day today.  I got up early and went running, then we packed up a ton of stuff and the kids and went to my sister's house, where we cooked a nice barbecue lunch and had some bubbly and dessert.  It was nice.  My sister is supposed to babysit for us tonight so we can go out, which will be nice, too.

I got my mom some beautiful flowers, and the kids drew her some handmade cards.  She was catered to and didn't have to lift a finger to help out (although she usually doesn't help out much anyway, but still).

When I walked her out to her car, she looked at me and said "Happy Mother's Day!" and then she paused, and added, "But don't forget, if I wasn't a mother first, you would never have been a mother either."

Um ... thanks? Just about every day, I think about how I want to be different than my mother and have a different relationship with my kids.  I'm glad she keeps giving me the motivation.


  1. Yikes! Some people have very interesting social skills. I hope the rest of your day was good and you enjoyed some time out!


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