Sunday, January 15, 2012

mid-January ramblings

It's one of those evenings where even though I want to go to bed, I sort of don't because it means tomorrow will come faster. Turtle spent the whole day puking, including all his milk right before he went to bed, and hubby's leaving on a 4-day business trip to the East Coast tomorrow morning. Gah!!!! What if Turtle is still really sick? What if Tadpole gets sick, too? What if I get sick on top of it?!

I'm sort of freaked out about the possibilities right now. Of course, it would also be awful if hubby got sick while traveling, although Turtle didn't actually SEEM sick when he wasn't throwing up. He seemed mostly happy and upbeat and even somewhat energetic. But then he would be thirsty because he was dehydrated and he'd gulp a ton of water and then vomit it all over the place. I'm actually pretty worried about tonight because I think he's probably already dehydrated, so I'm debating about waking up during the night to give him water a few times. Assuming that he doesn't wake up on his own. Sigh. And puke in his bed, please no!!!

Anyway ... other than today, January has been going swimmingly. I'm doing great with my mini-resolution to not get more plastic bags, and I think I've only failed once or twice, including my first trip to the grocery store when I had my mesh bags with me but totally forgot and put some broccoli in a plastic bag. Luckily I then remembered, and that was my only bag for that trip. Now I want to try to remember to bring my own container for the salad bar, instead of using the cardboard boxes they provide.

Here's a toddler food tip, if yours aren't the picky kind - Tadpole isn't picky, and she LOVES the cubed cooked chicken and turkey from the salad bar, which is a really easy appetizer or protein meal portion when I don't have time to prepare food. I almost always have some of this in the fridge. Turtle of course won't eat it, since he is more or less a vegetarian, but hey, at least one kid will.

Back to me - I also have been running! With the stroller when necessary, without it whenever I can, and my last non-stroller run found me back at my pre-pregnancy, pre-knee surgery pace for the first time in almost 2.5 years!!!!! I am really excited. The last few weeks also saw my first runs longer than 1.8 miles in the last 2.5 years, I actually got up to 4 miles the other day, which used to be my minimum run back in my heyday. So I am quite happy and excited about that. Exercise really does boost the spirits.

I'm also finally making some progress on cleaning and organizing the house, and we've made huge progress getting furniture and some decor, which has been sadly lacking. There's still a LONG way to go, since we've basically had a ton of stuff packed for two years and multiple mini-moves in the meantime, so I've lost track of a lot of things, some of them quite important (hello, checkbooks! where are you?!), but I feel, hope, and pray that with the holidays behind us, I've got time to breathe and catch up, and maybe after another month I'll even have some time for me.

And last - I've got a little project I'm working on which I'm hoping may turn into a vocation or lead to at least a temporary "career". I'm trying to create some sort of bilingual situation for my kids, whether it be as small as a once-a-month playgroup or as big as a real preschool, we'll see, but I'm hoping that it will be a fun project that gives me something to do and exercise my brain a bit.

Thoughts of a third kid are still percolating. One thing I didn't mention in my last post is that we never got a diagnosis for our infertility, and we did pretty much all the tests. We DID get pregnant with an IUI in the end, and didn't go to IVF. So as far as we are concerned, not using BC would be "trying". And until we're sure we want to make the decision to ttc, we aren't ready to go there. I also don't think I could prevent myself from obsessing, so I don't THINK we'd be able to just let things take their course and see what happens. Either we'd get pregnant without being sure it's what we want, or I'd start freaking out about why I wasn't getting pregnant and ... well, better not to go there until we are a little more decided about the future.

How's your January going?

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  1. That's a great tip about the cubed chicken from the salad bar! An easy travel snack too, as most airports and grocery stores along the highway have some kind of salad bar. Filing that away for later :).


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